Friday, December 10, 2010

"I know Exactly What You're Up To You Little Bitch!!!"--Natalie Banks


I love nothing more than paranoid Natalie and psychotic Marty going after it (actually, I love a good Lindsay/Nora catfight but looks like Catherine Hickland isn't coming back anytime soon although I WISH she would. Miss her!)! I think Marty's slap to Natalie at the police station was better than Natalie's but I loved it regardless. And how hilarious is Marty asking if Natalie is gonna call the cops?! LMAO! Should we call John? Or wait...should we call Brody. Regardless, poor Natalie. She has dug herself in such a deep fuckin' hole and the spoilers indicate Marty is supposed to let all of Llanview know the secret soon so who knows. Speaking of Marty...

Jesus. Has this bitch been under a rock for the past month or two?!?! Could Inez not have been ANYMORE OBVIOUS about who she is dating and what she is about to do? Lord have mercy! Than, as Inez is walking out the door Marty just scribbles down a quick prescription?! Does she even know anything about Inez? Someone yank this bitch's medical license!!! Please!

Moving on to Angel ugly is that gym?!?! Heinous! Again, it's like a prison. I know, I haven't shut up about it. I am not asking for the place to be featured in Architectural Digest but it could look a little better. And, do the writers just not know what in the world to do with Christian? Especially now that Layla is gone, but then again I don't think they knew what to do with him then. I miss Antonio, p.s. Anyway, Christian is an attractive guy and I know he has something coming up with the Kourtney Kardashian cameo but still. They need to figure out what to do with him. Otherwise, I don't want to discuss the gym stuff much because it basically consisted of Langston being hot and bothered and making inappropriate comments. Not to mention, she looked like she was dressed up to work the corner...ugh.

Oh Clint, Clint, Clint. I actually watched some old clips of when CR used to be Clint and that Clint was sooooo nice. JVD is doing a great job but it's just hard for me to watch him telling Matthew that Bo is cheating on Nora...especially since he knows that for all of Matthew's life the poor thing as just wanted his parents together. But, by telling Matthew it is gonna cause a lot of drama next week with Rex and Nora so bring it on.

Eddie Ford...officially disgust me. JWS is doing a phenomenal job playing crazy, abusive Eddie but I just hope he doesn't rape Nora. As if she hasn't gone through enough since she has been on the show! I'll refrain on commenting until I see today's episode cause I know she gets saved next week.

Oh Bo. I want to blame you but I can't cause I know that you really think Nora is sending you those texts. I do however look forward to your grief and remorse that will play out at least through January. It's time that he suffer like he made Nora did all that time ago. But, I do love Bo...he's precious. on the count of three can we all say in unison "Poor Charlie!" Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! He is such a flippin' nice guy and I hate that he thinks Rex is his son. Why does this bother me so much? Just because he went through enough with Jared. If Charlie was a real SOB I wouldn't care but he is so sweet...

That's it for now. I'll post after today's episode. I can't wait until 1 o'clock...

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