Friday, December 17, 2010

"Even When You're Mad It Would Take a Lot More Than a Few Texts to Goad You Into the Arms of Another Woman. That's Why I Love You So Much."

Spoilers mentioned...

Well, I'm crying and my heart is breaking. I love nothing more than a Bo and Nora reunion and I enjoyed all their hugging and kissing but these hospital scenes are breaking my heart! Thanks Hillary Smith and Bob Woods for making me weepy during what is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year...flippin' Christmas! Ah! I just can't take it...maybe because I know this heartfelt reunion is short lived and Bo begs her for forgiveness but she sadly kicks him to the curb on Tuesday 12/28. She should...shoe is on the other foot this time and he deserves it cause Nora called exactly "what happened" between Bo and Inez. I know they get back together, but I hope they get back together BEFORE they figure out what Inez did. So they can trust each other, etc. cause Bo now knows how Nora felt for, I dunno, over 10 years. We shall see. Not to mention, I want him to practically be crawling and begging and crying to get back with her since that is exactly what she did years ago and he was just like "ummm no." Moving forward, when the time comes they are happy again and get back together I have one simple request: Can they please move out of the damn garrett and back into their old house, the Barn?!?! Please TPTB? I beg of you. The garrett is smaller than my college dorm room. It's ridiculous. I mean, does Matthew sleep in the room with them? How in the world are you supposed to have sex (cause you know they do. That's ALL they did back in the 90's...geez)? Get the barn back for their reunion...please! By V-day if you can...

Besides the awesome B/N reunion, the rest of the show was kinda dull and ended with John McBain and his list of suspects. So, I think I'll discuss the Eddie Ford suspects and what I think about each. Hell, I am confused...not gonna lie. But let's take each person and discuss them, shall we? This will be fun.

List of Those Who Possibly Made Eddie Deadie

1. James--Eh, he didn't do it. McBain is even convinced since he crossed his name off the suspect list. Don't get me wrong, James has been getting his ass beat by his father since day one and I don't condone child abuse and James has every right to want to put Eddie 6 feet under. But...James is too sweet. Come on, the boy cries every other episode. He didn't do it...plain and simple. And it was just too obvious...

2. Nate--he is one at the top of my list. Ok, so we know that he was at the motel room and was standing over Eddie's body, etc. I have a couple of wild thoughts on this. Ok, so we know that Nate called Inez after the fight and said he had to go drop off Daniella. What if when he dropped her off, he went and got something of Todd Manning's (i.e., the cufflinks). Then Nate goes and kills Eddie and plants the cufflinks at the motel room so he can frame Todd? I know it's nuts but I'm trying to think outside the box. I don't think he would want to hurt Dani by setting up her dad but Todd doesn't have the best reputation so it could work. Then, getting rid of Todd would be one less thing Nate has to deal with when it comes to Dani.

Or what about this: Nate could have dropped off Dani and returned back to Inez's apartment and then sees Bo's gun on the chair and takes it and THEN goes and kills Eddie. Somehow he returns it after. Maybe? That's all I got right now. But, for some reason I do believe that Bo's gun is indeed the murder weapon. Just a sneaking suspicion.

3. Inez--She is at the top of my list, too. I mean, hello, they keep showing the damn flashback of her looking at Bo's gun. (Oh, and Jessica Leccia is not on contract. She is only a recurring character so she could easily be written off.) While Bo is enjoying his ambien-like induced coma, Inez could have taken the gun and shot Eddie and come back and put the gun back in the holster. Then you have to think, how did Inez know Eddie was at the Minuteman? I dunno, maybe that is something that hasn't been shown yet. Maybe James or Nate told her? Maybe Inez somehow knew Eddie's number and called him? Or, maybe James or Nate killed Eddie and then called Inez out of panic. I have no idea. I'm confused since Inez thought Clint didn't hold up his end of the bargain but then again this bitch could be lying. These flashbacks need to become a little better. They keep showing the same damn ones...grrr.

4. Clint--Hell, he is at the top, too. I'm sure he is pissed that Eddie didn't get Nora to Inez's apartment to see her and Bo get it on. So, maybe he went to the motel to straighten out Eddie and just ended up killing him? If you would have asked me this years ago, I would have said hell no but this Clint is evil. Also, Eddie is a lowlife and is expendable. If Clint found out from Eddie that he was rough housing Nora then Clint might have just gotten rid of him. I don't know why Clint would have gone to the Minuteman and spoken with the police (that's what he told Inez). So maybe he killed him and then went back later. Or...he could have gotten Mr. Black and Mr. Blue to come with him and one of them killed Eddie. Far fetched? Hells yes but I'm reaching here. And this is a soap opera, anything can happen.

5. Nora--She may be many things, but she is no killer. Yes, she pushed Colin McIver down the stairs back in the day but that was an accident. They are only making her not have any memory after the accident just to add to the suspect list. I just can't see her leaving the car and walking to the motel and getting a gun and killing Eddie. Maybe she tried to walk to the motel to get help but I just don't think so. Granted, she had every reason to blow him to kingdom come but just no.

6. Marty--I know, what the hell? But, I've heard her name getting thrown around. Do I think But she is bat shit crazy, so at this rate let's just add her to the endless names of Llanview peeps to kill EF. I could see her crazy ass pointing a gun at Eddie saying "Cole is in prison because of you! Rot in hell!" I kid, I kid. But, seriously she is nuts...

7. Todd--I just don't think so. How many times can he be charged with murdering someone? PLEASE! Ugh. I think he is def being set up and the only reason he will be a suspect besides the cufflinks is because he doesn't like abusive fathers since his dad was one, yada yada yada. I don't buy this. Another red herring.

8. Ford--Isn't he supposed to be in the hospital with Langston's horny ass straddling him in the bed while he recovers from being beaten by his dad at that creepy ass gym? How he would be the killer is beyond me and I just don't see it. Maybe I need to wait until next week to know a little more since I know Lang lies to the police...

9. Matthew--Again you're thinking, WTF? But lemme throw you my wild scenario: Ok, he was headed in the direction of the motel since we know he was the oncoming car that ran Rex and Nora off the road. AND...remember, Clint made Matt call Nora's cell phone and Eddie answered and mentioned the Minuteman. I mean, why else would Matt be driving all the way out there. So since James says he just "dropped the gun" at the motel and left Eddie there. Matt could have gone there to confront Eddie and his mom and just found Eddie there and then who knows what could have happened. I'm just saying. Yes, it's bizarre but oh well. I actually hope it isn't Matt since, hello, Rachel Gannon?! Ring a bell?? Nora has already had one child kill someone for her so let's not have another.

10. Bo--No, no way. But he will have to have an alibi, and I think a LOT of interesting things are gonna come out when he has to give up his story. Same thing goes for Inez. He will only be considered a suspect cause Eddie tortured his wife...that's it.

Unanswered Questions
I want to take time to discuss a few things that I just am curious about. Where in the hell is Eddie's bag? I mean it had Nora's cell in it and a shitload of cash.
Where is the gun that James left?
Where is all the tape and stuff and rope that was used to tie up Nora?
Where is Nora's gorgeous black and white plaid wrap she had? (you can tell I'm upset cause I loved it and want it found! Ah!) Where is her huge emerald cut rock? I know her wedding ring was found but where is the engagement ring? Oh, and where is her car? Her purse? She had a black purse with her...hmmm.

I have a feeling this whodunit is gonna be dragged out. I'd love a good murder trial. I felt OLTL hasn't had an awesome trial like that since Dorian on trial for Victor Lord's murder...that was AWESOME!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and happy last minute shopping!

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