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So You Gonna Replace Me With Another Kid? Just Like You Replaced Mom With Another Woman...

Merry Christmas and My Apologies!
Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! It is so out of character for me to not post in a timely fashion. Well, let me rephrase that, I'd at least let you know if I was going to be delayed. However, the holidays came and what can I say? It's my first time to have a blog. However, I vow to not do that again. I'll be timely...don't fret! Again, mea culpa...please!

Well, thankfully, last Tuesday and Wednesday were not the greatest episodes. Wait...I loved all the Echo, Dorian, Vicki banter. But, I've said it once and I'll say it thirty more times, I'm so damn tired of the teens. I don't give a damn if Starr, mother of the year that she is, took Hope to see the tree in Angel Square. Her New Year's resolution should be to try and be a better mom, but that's neither here nor there.

So, that being said, I'll discuss some things from yesterday. My post for today's episode (Tuesday) will be up in a bit.

Monday, 12/27/10
As if this is a big surprise, I'm going to begin with my favorite branch of the Buchanan family tree (who by the way all acted perfectly in their scenes). I know Matthew is being a smart alec bastard, but put yourself in his shoes. He ADORES his parents. All his life he wanted them back together. Then, his father who preaches being honest and doing the right thing, cheats on his mother (who he is incredibly close with since it was just the two of them for awhile) with Inez, the mother of the boy he hates more than life right now. So, I don't blame him for being an ass and blabbing to Nora. He is just watching her back and he will always side with her.
Now, the wreck business is a whole other story. I'm not totally sure but I think Matthew will eventually come clean about possibly running Rex and Nora off the road. I dunno. The more this goes on the more I think he may have killed Eddie and maybe Nora saw??? Far-fetched but still.
Bo looks like he hasn't slept in days and he just looks like he wants to cry. He has looked the same way since he left Inez's apartment! Ah! I think this expression has somehow become permanent...ah! He looked devastated when Matt blurted out the news and he looked even worse when he was just looking at Nora nattering on...
Of course, Nora KNEW Bo had cheated when he didn't say anything. Her rambling on in typical Nora fashion was just a way to fill the void until Bo said something and for her to try and think it wasn't real. Ah...heartbreaking.

Clint/Destiny?! OMG...have they ever had a scene together? That was actually my first thought. I thought it was great. Wish they would have more together. I almost feel like Destiny was playing into Clint's conscience a bit. She is always a voice of reason which I love. Eh...Clint/Inez scenes are the same over and over. They usually evolve around Clint saying "Inez, this is what I'll do to you if you don't keep your end of the bargain." Then Inez will say "You wouldn't do that. You wouldn't do something so horrible." REALLY, Whinez?! Really??? I mean after all the shiz he has done to you, you just can't wrap your dense mind around the fact he would do something evil. You're an idiot. I can't wait for you to be slapped next week and hopefully with the good Lord willing you will get some sense knocked into you.

Since everyone is in Angel Square on this fine Monday morning, I'll move on and discuss Darren and Destiny. Poor Darren was trying to do the right thing, but Des just ain't having it. Hell, I don't blame her. My family is dysfunctional and if my boyfriend did that to me then I'd be mad, too. LOVE that she slapped him. So glad OLTL is throwing around the slaps! Sidenote: cannot freakin WAIT until Nora slaps Inez next Wednesday. I'm salivating at the thought. I love pissed off Nora. Back to Destiny, I love her relationship with Matthew. They have the best friendship and they really do "get" each other which is what a true friend does. I don't know if I want them going down a romantic road but their friendship is great.

How hilarious are the lamaze scenes?! haha. John was soooo awkward! I keep asking myself if Michael Easton has ever had to do this in real life with his own family but I just can't imagine it. And, he described a jail cell!!!! LMAO! I love it. Too bad he is gonna want to put Brody's ass in one pretty soon....

I'll discuss Aubrey's sketchiness and Kelly and Rex in the Tuesday discussion. No teens on this episode, except Matthew and Destiny (the only 2 I care about)?! My Christmas miracle! No Starr? Lang? Thank you sweet Lord! And, no Gigi! Ah!!!!! I'm overjoyed and want to go shout from my rooftop (I'll refrain from rooftop cries since it's effing cold in Chicago this evening...ugh). Overall, great episode with all the people I love. Even better is that Tuesday has the same people but with....dum dum dum....MARTY! Woo hoo!

SIDENOTE: Ok, so I love how the writers think we are so stupid when it comes to time in Llanview. Remember last week the doctor's told Nora "oh we are only gonna keep you for a couple more hours" and that was Christmas Eve. Then, she gets discharged from the hospital in this episode and it's NYE already?! WTF? I just don't get this shiz.

My next post will be up tonight...

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