Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Did We Sleep Together Last Night?"

Le' sigh. I've actually said this quote (head is now lowered in shame) but thankfully it has always been to a boyfriend or now my fiance and it has been after a night of too much cabernet or martinis...or bourbon. I'm only 26, so I still act like I'm in undergrad from time to time...sue me. Hopefully, I have now made some of you feel better about any drunken antics. It happens. On to the show...

My chest tightened and my heart broke into about a million damn pieces when Bo realized that he and Inez "slept together." Then I teared up when he left her apartment and fiddled with his band and said he was sorry and then they showed Nora's ring....whannnnnn! I want to squal like a baby and then have my mother come and hug me. Unfortunately, I'm in Chicago and she is down south. But I tell ya, I can't take this anymore and I will be thankful if Bo and Inez don't share another scene again...although, we all know that's not gonna happen. I'd settle for the end of the week at this rate. I'm too devastated to discuss this further. Switching to Nora....

I guess she just wandered off??? I know she had her seatbelt on and there appears to be not much window damage so I'm assuming she wasn't thrown. I doubt someone pulled her from the wreckage a la Colin McIver after the train wreck in 2000. So, I'm gonna stick with her wandering off to go get help. I know that was her wedding band on the ground, but I hope she saved the engagement ring...it was at least 3 carats. Yes, that is inconsiderate but I don't care. It's a nice piece of bling...anyway, I missed her on the show today since I've gotten so used to seeing her. =(

Rex didn't say much so I won't discuss him. Ok...I'm biting my tongue as I say this and these words have never left my mouth before. I'm gonna count to 3...1,2,3: Gigi was...tolerable today. Dammit, she was. Ugh. I hate that she was decent cause I would love nothing more to go off on a Gigi tangent but I can't...damn her. She seemed genuinely upset about Rex. Oh, and I don't buy for one damn minute that she was studying for finals last night like she told Brody. I mean really? My ass. All we have seen her do is go to art class. Oh wait, excuse me, she was teaching the effing class last Tuesday with the nude model. Enough about this.

I was glad to see Jessica back. She has the best lines..."yeah, I spent all last spring being a teenager." haha. And she says it so nonchalantly. I love it. Thankfully, even Jessica is questioning Joey's sudden engagement to Aubrey. Afterall he has only known Aubrey "of course she rides" Wentworth for a short while, so someone needs to talk some sense into his damn head quickly. I def think Aubrey has a shitload of crazy bottled up in that cute little body of hers and I'm just waiting for her to unleash it...probably on Kelly...loves it.

Also, the Kelly/Blair bitchiness is fab. (Sidenote: How great does Blair look in her little robe? And Kelly? Hell, Dorian even looked great. They were the prettiest women I have seen in the morning and they were all in one room.) All I know is that Kelly needs to straighten all this shit out quickly because I cannot stand that she told Joey she was getting back with Kevin. UGH! I will take up for Kevin Buchanan always (because I adore him and he is incredibly charming) and Kelly is the love of his life and finding out all this would hurt him terribly. Hello, he just proposed to her a few months ago and was rejected like a bad credit card. Embarassing! So, she needs to set the record straight with Joey ASAP so the Joey/Aubrey/Kelly triangle can be in full effect.

Well, I honestly don't know who killed Father Dearest. I am still betting on Nate (I still think James is too obvious) but now I think Nate may have had help??? Hell, I dunno at this rate. I swear I saw Eddie's mouth move, by the way. Oooooh, just like yesterday there was someone lurking around in the background at the gym, if you missed it and have it on your DVR or Tivo then go look! I love nothing more than a good whodunit and I'm hoping the writers deliver. This could be as awesome as the "who killed Georgie Phillips" story that got featured on a Friday night on ABC...those were the days, man!

Hope you all enjoy the post! Stay warm!

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