Friday, December 17, 2010

"I'm Sorry Inez and Her Whole Family Ever Came to This Town."--Matthew

Sweet Jesus! A truer quote has never been spoken in all my life. I agree Matthew, I'm sorry they came to town, too. I must say, I love that Matt repeated the "whore, bitch and homewrecker" quip but he even added slut to the list today...oh hells yes! And, welcome back Destiny. You and your voice of reason have been missed. Ok, so does Nate look like a 30 year old? He is def showing off those muscles while puny Matthew wears his little Hanes white tee. Then when I think of Nate's age and look at Daniella who is like 12 I get a bit disgusted and wish I would have eaten lunch after the show. Kinda reminds me of "To Catch a Predator" on NBC with Chris Hanson where they bust the creepy child molesters. Ok, enough with that...

Ah, I called it yesterday without reading any spoilers! I KNEW they were going to let Charlie and Echo bond over this alcoholism thing. You know, at this rate I hope Vicki kicks Charlie to the curb. I love him, but he is being a bonehead and let's face it, Vicki needs someone better. She's just super fabulous and needs a dashing man to live in the sprawling mansion of hers. I'm over Charlie playing her like a fiddle. And, you know Echo is going to use this alcoholism thing for all it's worth so she can get in Charlie's pants...ewww And Charlie needs to watch it. Vicki is his little cash cow and Llanfair is HER HOUSE...not his. Be nice to the hand that feeds you!

Regardless, I FLOVE Dorian and Vicki teaming up. Btw, I love Dorian's kitchen. Anyway, Vicki and Dorian are the best frenemies ever. I love how they sealed their "take that bitch down" pact with a handshake. I can't wait for the awesomeness that is about to unfold. Also, I am like Vicki in the sense that I question Dorian's motives. Yes, she thinks Echo is trash and Dorian is fond of Charlie and thinks he is nice and feels bad for shoving alcohol down his throat months ago but still...what's in it for her? Not sure if I buy the whole "I don't want you to get hurt like David hurt me thing." Hmmm....something to think about.

Clint is a flippin' BADASS! It's official. Is he being a malicious bastard? Absolutely. But do I care? No. When he asked Inez on a scale of 1 to 10 how was Bo in bed...YES! He is awesome and then he walks to her fridge and takes out a bottle of water! Not as awesome as when he had Black and Blue beat up Ford and he made a sandwich and drank a beer, but I'll take it! Also, I'm ok with evil Clint since I know that Bo figures this out and he and Nora stay together. I tell you though, Clint is awesome. So I'm curious as to when he went to the Minuteman. He said that the police told him that Eddie was dead but I think Clint went there and saw either Nate or James and then who knows. Maybe Clint killed him since Eddie effed up the plans and Nora didn't see Bo and Inez. I'm honestly so confused at this point with this Eddie shiz...grrr. I mean, everybody and their damn long lost mother has a flashback to the motel room.

It's about damn time! Bo FINALLY found out about Nora. Thankfully, he looks nauseous and you can tell he feels like shit...GOOD! I worship you Bo but you need to go through some guilt. Not gonna lie, I teared up with the nice things he said. I did. Can't help it. I am a sucker for romance and especially their awesome love story. And, I knew it! I just had a feeling they were going to show Nora at the end. I could watch that hug over and over. Made my day. Wait, where is her cute black and white plaid wrap she had??!!! Go find it! I loved it! Don't lose it...the dry cleaners can get any stains out. And that pretty white jacket. Dry clean that shiz, too! Don't fret.

Unbearable and Unbelievable!!!!!!! That's how I feel about the Starr and James scenes. They have been having the same effing discussion all effing week!!! Ah! Stop the insanity! I can't handle this shiz. It's so bad that I'm not discussing it.

I just don't know how Todd's cufflinks ended up at the motel. I don't and for the life of me can't figure out how. I'm so confused. I haven't read any spoilers about it either. I love Tea and Blair together, I do. They are both sexy and sassy and know Todd like a damn book. Lurve it. If Todd and Tea don't work out, then maybe Blair and Tea could become lesbians. I know people have already been toying with the idea of Aubrey and Kelly being lesbians but I think I like Tea and Blair. =)

For Friday's recap I'm gonna do a little discussing of the whodunit cause I'm getting confused.


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