Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tequila for Breakfast

Spoilers mentioned...

Ah, I knew they were going to go down the alcoholic route with Echo. I have a feeling that this is just yet another way, besides "sharing" a son, that Charlie and Echo can bond--alcoholism. Eh...not so sure I'm into it. I don't think I want Charlie and Vicki to split. However, if they are going to have Charlie and Vicki split then I need Clint to be redeemed so Jerry ver Dorn and Erika Slezak can get together. We still don't know if they have what it takes to be a great couple. Granted, we know she and the old, sweet Clint, Clint Ritchie, had chemistry. But, I'm not opposed to Clint and Vicki...bring it. So...that is my Echo/Charlie/Vicki/Clint dream scenario if they break "Chicki" up. Oh...and tequila?! Really? I love a good margarita just as much as the next girl but I think she could have thrown some vodka in there with that orange juice for a good screwdriver. It's breakfast for God's sake. Hell, even gin for a slow screw but tequila? Odd choice...maybe that is the only liquor she could jack from Llanfair's open bar without being noticed. Everyone there, when they drink, seem to be bourbon people.

Kelly Kelly Kelly. First she bumps heads with Joey to kiss him and then she gets lemon in her eye! Poor thing can't catch a break. I do think she and NuJoey have some chemistry. And, I'm just gonna go on and make a definitive answer: Aubrey has to be talking to "Cutter" on the phone. I know she has a connection to him and he is debuting soon...only thing that makes sense. How awkward is the Joey/Kelly/Aubrey thing? #2 and Gigi was tolerable. Is it strange for me to say this? Absolutely. Thankfully, I have found the reason why....ah ha! Mercury is in retrograde, folks. No wonder! I knew something was just a bit..."off." There is no other explanation. I am not gonna elaborate further on Gigi since I was able to bear her and her hair today.

Mrs. McBain?! Really John? First you say "I love you" now you are calling Nat "Mrs. McBain!?" I dunno what's going on. Oh, that's right Mercury is in retrograde. (I'm telling you people...look this shit up if you aren't familiar!) However, I know I may be in the minority here but I love John McBain in full detective mode. Him showing up at Todd's house saying "a murderer, know one?" Hells yes. I love John and Todd together...they sizzle. Bring this shit.

Oh, hello there Helen the Cramer housekeeper! Welcome aboard. Where the hell did you come from? She was rather witty. Hope to see her again. I'm rather eager to see what is in the damn box, but they need to get on with it. She has had the box for what? A couple of weeks now. I'm intrigued! Open that shit already Blair. We know it's not a severed head, like Todd said.

I just can't get into Nattie being a CSU. I just can't. She needs to go back and work at B.E. Oh, now that makes me think about Jared...tear. :'( Certainly, Nat found red hair at the crime scene. So now, Nora not only will be disoriented but her hair is at the scene. Damn, the suspect list is going to be OOC!!! Switching gears...

Bo darling. I know you feel bad, I believe you. It's written all over your face. I just want to hug you. Hopefully, he will get his ass in gear tomorrow and find Nora and I want him to feel monumentally guilty for awhile. Hell, Nora was guilt ridden for 10 years...he can do a few weeks.

Starr and James. Why does Starr have to be shoved down our throats every single day. Those scenes were a waste and I should have washed dishes or something while they were on. Again, we know James hated his dad...move on please.

Overall, I was not that into today's show. I guess since the show has been on fire lately that any day the show is "just ok" then I'm kinda let down. But, I'm so thankful cause today's episode was sooooo much better than anything since February. I'd rather jump from the roof of my apartment building then have to relive a February 2010 episode with the Morasco fiasco and Llantano mountain. I'll know I'm in purgatory and didn't make it to heaven when God says "Mary-Ella you have to watch all of the February 2010 OLTL episodes on repeat." I went to mass tonight so that counts for something...hopefully.

I'll say this...nothing makes me happier when the word "bitch" comes out of Dorian's mouth! Soooo looking forward to watching her and Vicki tomorrow and am ready for Bo to go search for Red. Thursdays are always good so hopefully tomorrow won't let me down!

See you tomorrow!

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