Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Or We could just get Vimal to fake it for me..."--Matthew

All aboard the Matthew train. Hell yes! Despite the fact that I have hated his new attitude (which I swear he is channeling Patrick Bateman from "American Psycho." If you haven't seen the movie, then look at a pic of Christian Bale...that hair! anyway...), at least he is making some kind of sense. Lord! Bo has drunk some kool-aid which has made his brain completely useless. I was so thankful for what Matthew was saying when talking to Bo. So, I say that's suspicious as to what is going on cause it is hard as hell for me to watch this madness! "Have you tried to go look for her? So you and mom get into a fight and so you're cozying up with Nate's mom? Nice." Thank you...praise the good Lord! I have a feeling that Matthew is going to be the one that pieces all this crazy shit together with Clint, Nora, Inez and Bo and I can't wait. I also want Matthew to be pissed at Bo for what happens to Nora. Bo needs to be punished for a bit.

Oh, and I love the interactions between Matt and Clint..."coffee? really? this is bull." haha. Speaking of Clint. Does he treat Vimal like a ragdoll or what? I just want Vimal to gain a little should I put this? Manliness? Balls? Or just to grow a pair in general since he obviously has none. He is such a nervous poon!

Ok so...the gym looks like a cell Thankfully, Bo did mention that the gym is in Angel Square which is supposedly not the best area of town so it makes a little sense why the gym looks so carceral but still. Also...thank God Langston didn't have much dialogue this episode. Disclaimer: she is NOT my favorite...understatement. I got so used to not seeing much of her and now when I see her once I cringe. But, I'm thankful for how seldom she has been on recently. Oh, and Proud of him for stepping up...I'll give him that. His defending James made me like him more today. I have loathed the Ford brothers since they entered town but now Ford is growing on me and, dare I say, I like him. Wow. Oh, and James "Bobby I'm willing to do anything. I just want him gone." Foreshadowing much? I love that EVERYONE and their mom has threatened that they will do ANYTHING to get Eddie out of town. Not to mention, you can throw in Bo and Nora as suspects since there will be major fallout from the kidnapping. I can't wait for the Eddie whodunit!!!! Can y'all?

Oh Kelly...poor baby. "Awesome!" Spoken in her best valley girl voice. I genuinely felt bad for her today. Poor thing has made mistake after mistake ever since she came to town. Oh, and the fake grass at the that from Sam Rappaport's house circa 1998? Sure looks like it. Anyway, back to Aubrey/Kelly/Joey, I still can't figure out Aubrey. I didn't like the way Aubrey talked to Kelly though...that's for sure. And I also can't believe Aubrey got the "vicki banks seal of approval over the phone." Just not believable. I haven't read too many spoilers about Aubrey so hopefully I can figure her out soon. Regardless, I think Terri Conn is doing a great job. Actually like her better in this role than on ATWT.

Bo and Inez....I could just scream or lash out. I don't condone violence, so I will not discuss their dialoge today. I will say that I will just relish in the guilt/remorse/anguish that Bo will feel after the Nora business. So I will endure the Bo/Inez thing since I know it will provide great story later for Bo and Nora. Back to Inez... She whines more than a child with colic!!! OMG. I'm over her! I do love Jessica Leccia, but this character is too much. (BTW....JL, HBS, and GT are on Venice the Series and are phenomenal. Y'all should subscribe to it. GREAT show.) Oh and, not to mention, Inez is so similar to Natalia on "Guiding Light" JL's previous role. I will also not discuss Bo going to check on the Ford Brothers instead of wondering where the love of your life is. Le sigh...

Clever Nora! Way to use that well-educated brain of yours! You should have practice after being held captive for months after the train wreck! Colin McIver anyone? (swoon, btw. gosh, he was attractive.) Oh, and her toes are painted a lovely color....OPI Cajun Shrimp? Like a woman that takes care of her feet. Gosh, I cringed during the flashback of Eddie reading Nora the text and hearing the name Sam Rappaport. I've tried to forget all about Cabanas and have refused to enter one ever since 1999. Anyway, why didn't the manager just use the master key and enter the motel room? Oh, because this is a soap opera.

Gosh, I miss Dorian lurking in the background and seeing something interesting! I love her snoopiness! Hopefully she will be on tomorrow causing trouble.

John, God bless him, he is trying. Natalie "I'll be a lot worse than a drunken sailor." LOL. I wonder if John will act worse than a drunken sailor when crazy-ass Marty spills the baby beans to all of Llanview?!

Speaking of the Buchanan baby mix-up...get this: So, if you go to Wikipedia and type in "Buchanan Family" at the bottom of the page after the descriptions of each character, etc. there is a family tree. Go check it out and look at Jessica Brennan and Natalie Banks...tell me what you see with the fathers and soon to be babies. Makes me a little more confused about the paternity mix-up.

Where is Vicki?! Rex and Gigi are just hanging out in her foyer? Really? Oh and thank you hairstylists at OLTL for not letting Gigi put roadkill or something else that resembles a dead animal on her head for the past few episodes she has been in. I enjoy her hair being tame and with no animals on it. I thank you and so does Davy Crockett.

About time Rex and Natalie talked! Thank you!!! They were siblings for heaven's sake. It's like the writers just remembered (just like they did the other day with Vicki and Nora. thankfully someone remembered they were friends.) Love that Rex referred to Stacey as "an epic failure." Oh Natalie, you poor thing, psycho Marty (aka Glenn Close from "Fatal Attraction") is after your ass.

Can't wait for tomorrow...

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