Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Role Reversal...10 Years in the Making

Obviously, this whole episode pretty much centered around my favorite couple so I'll save that discussion for the finale. That's what the entitled quote is all about so more of that later...

How Are We Gonna Get That Little Gold Digger, Aubrey, Out of Joey's Life? Go get her Clint! Have at it. I haven't trusted Aubrey for one damn minute. Is Clint super creepy paranoid about all things Buchanan related lately? Hell yes. But this is one philly he is right about! I'll discuss Aubrey's sneaky ass in a second.
I'm glad Clint asked Vicki for help with his scheme. No, I don't think it's some novel idea, but I just like JVD and ES onscreen together. And, now that I'm venturing off topic I'll just go on and jump off the cliff, I want them to get together. That's right, I'm done with Charlie Banks. Finished! Ciao! Au revoir! He has overdosed on the stupidity kool-aid and I'm fine with him and Echo hooking up. I don't want them to leave the screen (although those are the rumors circulating) but those together would be fine. Vicki would be pissed and so would Dorian and then Vicki and Clint can test their waters. Not to mention, if Echo and Charlie remained onscreen, then tons of drama. Everyone would win. But, like I've said before, if Clint and Vicki do hook-up then Clint will have to be redeemed before all this happens. Or, Vicki could start to have feelings for him since he may help her with her Charlie situation and then shiz will hit the fan when she finds out about all his contriving things all shades of evil. However, she may want to help him and redeem him. Whew! I'm exhausted from that tangent.

2 things about this upcoming Jolie wedding that gives me the red ass: 1. $5 says Roxy isn't invited and I'm gonna be pissed!!!!!! Ugh. She raised Nat for God's sake. Tell her! 2. I don't know how I feel about a shotgun wedding. Maybe cause I'm from a small town in north Louisiana and I try and steer away from those...I dunno. That's my 2 cents. Oh, let's talk John. It's like within the past two weeks John decided that he was going to do a 180 for the first time ever since his tenure on the show and decide to be a spontaneous, loving, caring, romantic man. I'm all about a lovely man (thankfully I'm engaged to one...shout-out cause he reads this, but seriously he is), but this is just strange. It's as if all of a sudden I'm starting to find John....er...um...eh...attractive? Dear angels in heaven...did I just type that? No, I don't like long hair on a man but he is all of a sudden attractive to me...when did this madness begin? Do y'all know my answer to this? Mercury is in retrograde until December 30th. So peeps, I'm betting that my strange attraction to John McBain will dwindle after the New Year. I mean, let's be serious, how can the same girl (me) find both Bo Buchanan (yes, in an older attractive way and he's sweet) and John handsome? That just doesn't happen. Damn, lemme get back on track, sorry. Anyway, I'm not gonna lie I kinda wanted a big ole Texas Buchanan affair for John and Natalie but c'est la vie. At least we have....drum roll please...

Marty "ain't gonna be tardy for the party" Saybrooke! Ah! I even enjoyed her creepy eavesdropping. Again, her dialogue with the elevator buttons is more entertaining than any Starr/Lang dialogue. Writers: when in doubt, Martyr conversing with inantimate objects is more appealling than the teens...believe me! This is my humble cry! I'm gonna love Marty trying to crash that wedding...bring it on! I will say this though, poor thing does receive bad tidings all the time. I mean, John comes up to her and asks how she's doing and she is like well Cole made it through his first Christmas in prison....then John's like "oh, I'm marrying Natalie." This bitch can't catch a break...dayum!

Kelly has got a hot little body on her. You know, both she and Joey are two incredibly attractive people...seriously. However, does anyone else feel they are both monumentally awkward? I'm talking awkwardness of epic proportions here. They def have chemistry though and I hope it goes somewhere. I do. They haven't had any intense dialogue yet, though. Most of their discussions have revolved around Kelly's mishaps. So, I'm gonna wait and discuss them once they have talked more. All I will say is, yes I believe they still have that "spark."

Poor, poor, poor Christian. Tears. Do they just not know what to do with him? And, please dear God do NOT tell me that he and Layla broke up today over the phone cause of her pic in the French mag. (Sidenote: I'm so effing sure Llanview carries that French mag at the palace hotel) I'm gonna wait until tomorrow for more about this cause I know he and Blair makeout and all. But, seriously. Chris and Layla were an established loving couple and for them to break up over the telephone, or at least like this, is insulting to the characters and the story. Just sad.

Ok, is it me or does Rex ALWAYS have to snoop at the Palace Hotel and does he ALWAYS wind up under the bed hiding once the person arrives? Really? I do love Rex (WITHOUT Gigi). I do. I know some don't but he is funny and loveable and he has substance. I want him to dig up more on Aubrey though. Speaking of Aubrey, ok what is this pic about? Someone on a message board mentioned something about nude pics, but they showed her in the mag and she was dressed and holding on to someone....Cutter perhaps??? Which, I'm 100% convinced that Cutter is def the person she keeps talking to. However, I don't understand what kinda deal they got going on...hmmm

Grand Finale...it's rare, very rare, when a couple or a moment on tv can make me physically hurt with pain. Thanks Bo and Nora....you did it today. Am I in 9th grade again????? Is this 1999???? Thankfully, there was no Woman of the Year ceremony in this episode. Bo actually gets to take a walk in Nora's shoes...About. Dayum. Time. My chest literally tightened and my eyes watered today. Gosh, if I didn't know they were gonna get back together I'd have been drowing in tears. Dayum. (As if their first break up wasn't bad enough, I STILL can't watch that) Back to the story, this whole thing played out completely differently than I anticipated. I was expecting a screaming match! An, "I've been telling you she wanted to get you into bed" tirade with a bunch of "I told you so's." But, it was even flippin better. Everything was subtle and I loved it. Nora is still in total shock and who can blame her (hell, she was kidnapped, molested and in a car wreck...enough for a lifetime). I'll give it to HBS, she did phenomenal. I felt like I had been cheated on...good lord! For some reason, she looked more pitiful during the whole thing since she was in her bathrobe. The biggest thing she pointed out, and biggest obstacle they will have to face, is that he ONLY told her because he got caught. I know he didn't sleep with Inez, yada yada yada, but he THINKS he did and he decided NOT to tell her. Big mistake, Bo, courtesy of your big bro but shame on you, commish, you know better! So, even when Nora finds out the truth she should still bring this up and this should be an issue. Let's see if the writers have their chops. I'll say this...best quote of the whole thing was "How long did it take you to forgive me, Bo? A decade? It took you ten years to forgive me. How long is it supposed to take for me to forgive you? I don’t know." BOOM! I love you, Bo, but this is so deserved from this angle...sorry.

Bo, Bo, Bo. Bo has been getting a lot of flack for not being "guilty" enough but I disagree. I think he feels incredibly guilty. You can tell it is absolutely killing him to discuss this with Nora. But at the end of the day, I think he just honestly doesn't know what in the hell is goin on and how all these events happened and now his life is out of control! And, I think he is just terrified that Nora won't forgive him. Hell, I'd be scared, too. I just think he is just so confused by all of it and trying to piece some of it together because, like he said today, "none of this makes sense." That's right! It doesn't make sense at all. My biggest issue with their scenes today, otherwise they were PERF, was that he didn't even try and say "hey look I know I did this but I really don't remember" instead it came across that he went over there with the intention to smush with Inez and he got drunk and did. That could have been explained a little better.

Another great thing about their scenes, Nora seemed to agree with everything Bo said. From "I love you" to "I'm sorry" to "I'm not gonna give up on us" she continually nodded her head. You can tell they genuinely love each other and are just shocked by the whold situation. AND....he continued to call her "Red" throughout the whole damn fallout. If this were back in the 90's, I feel she would have said for him to not call her that...since she has done it before. But, they are older and wiser now. Anyway, they did superbly as always and I'm just thankful that the rest of their scenes will be on the upswing since this was the worst of it. Ready for the downfall of evil Clint! Then I want Bo and Nora to kick his ass!

See you tomorrow!!!

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