Monday, December 6, 2010

"She Wants Me to...Sleep with You."

Disclaimer....I mention spoilers. So, this is somewhat of a spoiler alert. Oh and if it appears my writing is a bit sarcastic, that's because it is. Just in case some people find my comments a bit strange. Moving right along...

Well, right out the gate I had to LOL at John McBain reading "Know Your Child." Good for him but it is just hard for me to buy it since the book was about 1,000 pages long. LOL Natalie, "wait until the baby shower...we are going to get tons of stuff." That's right. I'm sure Marty will lovingly gift wrap something else in Tiffany blue paper and hand it to you at your shower in front of everyone. Probably not, but how great would that be?! Or, Marty could do a banner that said "Congratulations Natalie and Brody!" Ah, if only. Wait, when did Natalie start parting her hair down the middle? Last week? Eh...I don't care for it.

Is it just me or is Rex the WORST P.I. ever? Really? He has his phone on vibrate? And, he picked the lock before Marty had even backed out of the driveway. Then he just hangs out and shoots the shit with Gigi on the phone while he is supposedly looking for "stuff on Marty." I mean, really? Really? Since Rex is breaking into Marty's house...

Does her photo album entitled "Memories" feel a bit creepy? Yes, I know Cole is her only son and all and people keep albums but hers seemed super creepy. Combine that with her talking outloud to herself and to the picture of her and Cole and the psycho factor increases. It's like Hannah O'Connor's ghost is haunting Marty's house and causing her crazy behavior. Sidenote: God Bless Hannah...miss that crazy kid. Regardless, I am LOVING watching Marty fly off the handle (hello? her little pump arm fake she did to James last week that said "what? get outta my face!!!" I love it...). Susan Haskell will rock this like no other.

Kudos to Joey. It's always good to marry a woman you have known for 14 days. 13 isn't quite enough, but 14 is the right amount of time. I cannot for the life of me figure Aubrey out. At first, I thought she was sketchy but now I don't know. You would think if she was a big gold-digger that she would have said "yes" immediately to Joey's (oh sorry...Joe's) proposal. I dunno about her yet. I will say that I think she is talking to the new character "Cutter" on the phone, not Ford. That is just my gut instinct though for now. And, Aubrey and Joey already say "I love you?" Jesus...what is the pace it goes at these days? Granted, I haven't been in the dating world for about 3 years but I don't think it's gotten that outta hand. That's just silly. But, hey it happens. I love that Vicki was thrilled Aubrey "rides" and Joey was like "of course she rides." So, it's equestrian skills are now a prerequisite to becoming a Buchanan. That now clears up any inkling of hope I had of becoming a Buchanan and BE Shareholder.

Ok...Hold the damn phone. Charlie was sooooo into that kiss with Echo...Lord! I didn't expect him to be so into it! I LOVE Dorian's facial expressions while she watched them kiss. She has had me in stitches ever since she was spouting off one liners at Todd and Tea's party. God bless her. Back to Charlie and Echo, I think Echo might genuinely like him. She has been through a slew of men and it appears she thinks Chuckles is just an all around great guy. I'm sure it also helps that he is Vicki's man which adds to his likabilty in Echo's eyes. However, the whole time I just wanted Echo to scream out "Clint is Rex's father!" Ah...I hate that he will have to go through the agaony of losing another child. As if losing Jared wasn't bad enough? He had just reconnected with the kid...le sigh. Chuckles should also tell Vicki to remove the damn bourbon from the living room!!! What temptation to a recovering alcholic!

I think Dorian was genuinely shocked when Kelly said she was going after Joe. Strangely enough, I think Joe and Dorian have some chemistry. I kinda felt it when they were talking the other day. She gave him sex eyes today when they were talking to Clint and Vicki. I kinda liked it. ;) Also, I am so pumped about Dorian and Vicki teaming up! How much better does it get than RS and ES together? It really doesn't. Although I don't want to see Vicki hurt by Charlie, I'm so ready for Dorian and Vicki to go after Echo's ass like no other.

Ok...I am the BIGGEST Bo and Nora fan of all time and HBS and RSW are my fav soap actors of all time. However, I'm shooting for as much objectivity on this blog as I can. That being said, Bo Buchanan what the hell are you doing? REALLY? You are going to tell your assistant (who has been the basis of your arguments with Nora) all about your marriage problems? Someone smack him...immediately! At least, he is suspicious of how this is all playing out. He is right, this is unlike Nora to do all this texting bullshit but then again I understand how he thinks it is indeed from her. How would someone steal her phone and know about their fight AND about Sam Rappaport. It is understandable why he thinks it is her. But the thought that Nora would want Bo to sleep with Inez...let's be serious. I'll wait and analyze this tomorrow when I know more.

Inez has had like, I dunno, one zillion opportunities to tell Bo everything. She trusts him and looks up to him and she knows he would help her. I understand it's a soap, so she won't tell him but it just bothers me and makes her even more annoying to me.

On another note, poor Nora. She had so much hope and just knew Bo was going to come find her until Eddie relayed what Bo texted back to her (which is a whole other tangent that I could go off on but I just don't have the time). You could tell she was about to cry and now he won't know to come looking for her. As we say in the South, "bless her heart." =( Oh, and I love that Eddie and Nora barked at one another...LOL. For a moment, I thought it was my little dachshund but after a quick replay it was confirmed that there was barking going on in that gorgeous hotel room.

Random Awesome News
Sweet Angels of Heaven! A new opening?! Granted it doesn't have new pictures (I mean seriously...Todd's hair is so long and Matthew looks like he is 12 years old), but I'll take it. Even new font to boot! I'm still holding on to the thought of new cast can dream.

"Stay tuned from scenes from the next 'One Life to Live'." I have never heard a sweeter phrase in all my life! I did a damn triple axle off of my couch across the living room. Nancy Kerrigan herself would have been impressed.

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