Friday, May 3, 2013

ANYTHING but the Giraffe!!!

Giraffe:  "Tea, please move me to a safe location. I have a bad feeling something is going to happen me.  I don't know why..."

Friday, May 3, 2013

     Good morning from freezing cold New Orleans! What the hell?! Anyway, hope y'all have enjoyed the last couple of episodes because I sure have.  Ok so I am going to have to post from memory.  Well, I could watch again on my iPad and type on the laptop but we are all about to eat a late breakfast and frankly the whole thing would just take too damn long. The past two episodes were extra fun because Ross watched with me both mornings. :)  These will be pretty short but just wanted to get a post out.  Sooo....

Episode 3--Wednesday, May 1st

     THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Dan-YELLA for having the best reaction to Victor being alive! Now, did everyone need to react like that? Absolutely not. But each person should have had SOME reaction.  I'm not letting this go, clearly.  I thought Dan-YELLA's was perfect and she did a great job so kudos to KM on that.  Ross' said "Finally, somebody actually showed Victor's return some attention."  Good point.

    I think I'm about to combine episodes 3 and 4 on this Dorian Vicki thing because it is ALL a blur! Sorry about that. Ok so I am loving this whole Dorian/Vicki thing. I do.  I have needed them to go at it for so long and this whole thing is delish.  I have to say that I kinda cringed when Jeffrey said "they had Dorian (or someone, I forgot) by the balls."  I'm like "has Vicki ever even said that word?!"  I also love the relationship between Vicki and Jeffrey. It think they work really well together.  The interview with Dorian was hysterical and when she was asked about the American public being idiots I just died out laughing. And Clint popping out the champs!!!  Again, I guess he can drink? I'm not familiar with cardiology.  

     And a little Sam sighting!!!! He just warms my heart.  That little ball of cuteness. The one quote I totally remember from this episode that I thought was so funny for some reason was "No snacks in the living room!!!!!!!!" LMAO.  Dorian flew off the damn handle!  I wanted to be like "If the child has grape jelly or grapes, etc. then just let him eat them on the couch because if something is spilled the shit will just blend in for God's sake!"  The purple. I simply can't let this go either.

     Blair looked like a sex kitten on this episode. Shocker.  Lookin' good.

     There is a chance I might confuse things from this episode and Friday so if I do then forgive me.

     Ross' peanut gallery comment:  "I really wish Bobby Ford was back on this show. Man..."  I was like "Why?!  Jesus Christ!  A chandelier fell on him just let it be! He is done!  You have to get over it."

     God, Nora didn't enter until the middle of the damn episode and I was about to get upset because I knew she was supposed to be on.  Anyway, she was dressed impeccably.  Looked so pretty. And she and new Matthew have a great dynamic.  Their conversation felt "right" and they really seem to have a great rapport.  Matthew still needs his ass beaten though.  I'm sticking with that theory.  A good ass beating should whip his douchey ass into shape.  I mean...the best thing of the episode for me was when Bo surfaced during the last part of the episode! The whole scene felt like old school Bo and Nora that I love.  Not the late 2009-2013 Bo and Nora that some people know. No this was old times. The adorableness was out of control...but too short!  I need more!

     Overall, I loved this episode!

Episode 4, May 2nd

     HOLY HOTNESS!  Victor and Tea!  How about it!  Love that they didn't waste any damn time getting back at it!  I have to admit that both mine AND Ross' said "God, when is the last time Victor would have brushed his teeth?!"  Nothing like hot sex to start off the episode. I bet all the VnT fans were super pumped about this! Now.  Tea telling Victor about the baby...OMG just take my heart out and f*cking break it why don't you!!  How sad!  Ok now let's discuss what really disturbed me.  So Victor is left alone in the nursery.  And when Victor asked to be left alone and for Tea to go check on Dan-YELLA I'm like "Tea, come on you KNOW better than to leave him here alone!"  And all I have to say is Todd you better watch out! Yikes!  So as Victor is walking around taking in the nursery I'm like "Ross, OMG if he destroys the giraffe I'm going to be so upset."  Ross is like "Shhh he isn't going to destroy the giraffe."  Then Victor inches closer to the giraffe and I'm like "OMG he is going to kill the giraffe! NO!!!!"  Ross is like "No he isn't."  Then Victor kinda looks around and for a brief moment I think the adorable long necked creature is going to be spared but then he turns back to the giraffe and I'm like "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"  Everyone in this house heard me! I have never been so upset by the death of a stuffed animal!  Thank God my lovely reader Kaye told me where I can find the giraffe.  ;)  Anyway, the giraffe did nothing to Victor and I'm clearly upset.  I'm still in mourning.  :(  After all that cute talk about the giraffe.  He met his demise so quickly.  AHHHHH secret camera!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!  The footage looked very "Paranormal Activity" to me.  Have y'all seen some of those movies?  I'm such a baby.  They freak me out.  Anyway, love it.  Can't wait to see who is spying.  Ugh I kinda wish crazy Irene would somehow return.  She was hilarious.  

     I cannot remember much from this episode and that is probably because I'm so f*cking traumatized by the death of the giraffe.  BUT, I do know that I'm so glad that Blair stuck it to Todd!!!  For a moment when he came up behind her I thought they were going to make out.  I know all you TnB fans wanted something.  Anyway, I love Todd.  Truly I do.  But he needs to step it up and be a real dad and not some fly by night father.  I think he will now a little more since Victor is back in the picture.  I hope so.  Oh and when Todd walked up to NuJack when he was at the DJ booth I cringed when I saw NuJack pretending like he was really DJ'ing.  I'm like GMAFB!!!!  What a dork!  And Todd just all of a sudden wants to have a beer with him and shoot the shit?  Ummm no that's not how this works.  His attempts need to be better!

     Vimal!!!!  Look at that sweet little innocent thing surfacing.  :)  So an open marriage?  This will be interesting.  He has such an innocence about him.  I wonder if all these tables are going to turn and Vimal ends up being the one pulling all of the random ass and Rama ends up wanting to just be with Vimal.  Whatever, I think this is a good idea.

     Ok, so I can't remember another damn thing from this episode.  Ross asked "Now, why can't McBain come back?"  Le sigh.  We are all still in mourning about that.

Ok I'm off to go hang with family then a wedding this evening! Hope y'all have a great day.  I haven't gotten to watch the More Life to Live segment.  I'll try and do that later.

Happy weekend and what an awesome week for us to have our show back!!!



  1. I first thought of you when he went after that giraffe. Knew you'd be super upset.
    Great first week! I have to say that I love they way are actors look, makeup and clothes! They all look amazing.

    I need a bit more of Bo and Nora. It did feel like 90's Bo and Nora, super adorable. RC never did know how to write for them, which amazed me. Just give them a scenario and RSW and HBS will do the rest! But I am all for happier Bo and Nora, they were way to sad those last few years. Totally digging new Matthew, douchiness and all.

    Victor and Tea, just wow! But yeah, my first thought was, wonder when he cleaned he mouth and hands last? FL was FABULOUS in the explanation of the baby.

    I have to give Todd props for one thing, he put it right to Dani. No tip toe just "why are you doing this?", I LOVED it! Old OLTL it would have taken a month before somebody took time to ask that. And may I say I am super impress with KM, she has really grown as an actress.

    Viki and Dorian stuff is so wonderful, it feels like the OLTL I love.
    As always it so wonderful to read your blog again!!


  2. I read this before I saw the fourth episode, so my stomach started twisting in knots at the giraffe part. I was freaking out!

    First week was pretty good, but I am angry that Natalie's boobs were featured only on one episode. That needs to be corrected in the future.


    I love Ross' comments on the show. They are most appreciated. Keep them coming!

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