Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Worst Surprise Ending...

If I could continue on after "or else" I think I would add "or else you will have to party with Riff-Raff every night at Shelter. And he says 'fettuccini's' on repeat." That is incentive enough to finish what one started. 
Hi y'all! Hope y'all had a great evening. Soooo sorry for just now posting.  A few things:  1.  I completely FORGOT I had to blog because of this new show schedule.  Grrr.  2. That being said, I will not complain about this new schedule. Obviously I hate it and wish they would have STARTED out this way instead of going from 4 episodes to 2 a week but that's neither here nor there. The reasons they gave for it just didn't make sense to me. Ummm why didn't you think about this beforehand?  BUT, I am just grateful to have the show and 2 days a week is better than nothing. So let's all be grateful! I just love my show.  3. I am blaming pregnancy hormones because I don't remember Thursday's episode AT ALL! Like zero! I vaguely remember Nora and Des talking but that is it! I don't have time to watch it so I'm just doing today's show.  Okie dokie...

Tuesday, May 21st

I'm sorry but if I were Vicki I'd still go to Paris.  Mainly because I'm a selfish little bitch and don't want to turn down a personal shopper. Yes! Thursday's episode is coming back to me! I remember the trip proposal!  However, why is Clint so damn eager? Something has to be up. I mean they have waited this long what's a little time to plan? And when Clint suggested Vegas the other day I about died. OMG can y'all see Vicki in a cheap ass wedding chapel in Vegas getting married by an Elvis impersonator?! Not atoll!!!

Topher tweeted that Dorian is sported a Nora wig and sure enough...it is! It looks just like Nora's hair. And may I say that Dorian has been rocking some snazzy outfits these days. Yes, I said snazzy. Jack's attitude. Typical for a kid his age going through shit. That was accurate. GASP! Yes, I said nothing mean about NuJack!! 

Who in the HELL is that douchebag behind Cutter with the lame ass purple and lime green hat on?!  Get out of that club immediately!  God, don't they pay those extras $115 a day (extra pay is a rip which is why I don't do it)?!  You would think they could find some people that didn't look (and wear) asshats.   I think Cutter has had one scene outside of Shelter...

Natty looks GORG! And now she is gonna be BFF's with NuDes because they are both single moms? Come on. A little more effort here...

Dan-YELLA is getting on my nerves with all this "let's get wasted" stuff. Also, I do LOVE these teens more than any set we have had but OMIGOD DEAR LORD PLEASE LET THEM HAVE ONE DAY OFF!!! JUST ONE! I think Matthew has been on EVERY DAMN EPISODE! Mija, too. Ugh.

Todd looks sharp as usual.  I'm also loving that we get another Bo/Todd scene. I feel this is old school! LOL...typical from back in the day. Bo ran out of creamer. LMAO....love that Todd said so I sprinkled arsenic all over myself before I strangled myself. I'm enjoying these scenes...

Shut the front door! Just shut it right now. Rama is David's biggest fan!!! LMFAO. And his royalty check was for a buck 89. I cannot handle this. David is my comic relief. No matter what.

I'm humming the intro...ugh.

STOP IT RIGHT NOW! My ass Uta Hagen was David's acting coach! LMAO. He prob read "Respect for Acting" or watched her awesome DVDs since she is the shiznit. This whole thing is hysterical. "A rodent? That's dumb. Why would you say that?" I could keep quoting this scene but...

Of course Victoria is a softie and doesn't want to get rid of the people that have worked for her forever. Ugh...and all her reasons are valid since I'm a big dork, too. Hate Clint's tie. OMG. Vicki I think Clint is gonna need to invest since you are probs gonna lose your funds via Pellegrino. How ridiculous is the name of that fund?

Vinegar in place of vermouth? Oh my stars. Gag me with a spoon. Michelle is St. Anne's qualified and I haven't even laid eyes on this bitch.  Jeffrey is right...don't trust this ho! Matthew kinda needs to get f*cked over a little bit though.  And Mija is trying to be all Martha Stewart with the hors d' oeuvres.

Pent up energy, huh Cutter? Please. Y'all just have sex already.

WOO HOO!!!! Tea hasn't started crying yet!!! This is a record! And this browser history foolishness...sloppy sloppy. Lurve Todd is eavesdropping.  So, for some reason, when Tea said "tattoo" I couldn't help but think "God, the word tattoo is really getting thrown around this show and particularly on this episode."  Think about it...all this tattoo hoopla between dead guy, coffee shop guy then Victor having the tat. Then today all the evidence disucssion about it. Then David is going on and on with Rama about Chipmunk Tattoo. I've never discussed tattoos so much in my life. Bo, come on. Did you really just ask why Victor wanted to kill Todd. Come on, commish.

Just because Michelle has a Toronto area code doesn't mean she LIVES in Toronto. And Jeffrey's comment about Michelle saying "eh" was just fabulous.

Love the Cutter/Natalie flirting. I'm a dork so I'm enjoying some of these goofy lines but it's adorable.

Biz loan. If I were Vicki I'd prefer that too. Applause! Applause! Thank you Victoria for giving Todd some words of wisdom about Jack.  Todd's approach sure as hell ain't working so maybe QV talked some sense into him. Fingers crossed. Despite me LOATHING Jack, I want Todd to get some shit in order. He is too fab to have to have THIS much disorder...yes, even Todd needs a break from all chaos.

"Snookered." hehe. Nice, Clint.  And good point by Clint saying the deck is stacked against Jack since Todd and Victor are his parents. LMAO. And your hands are full trying to turn Matthew into a stand up guy, Clint? God, I need everyone to get involved in this. Intervention please.

Jeffrey is the voice of reason on this damn show, I swear. Matthew just go for Mija instead of St. Anne's.  And I'm kinda glad Dani fell with the gnocchi because I think gnocchi tastes like moldy ass.

I mean...David just did sound, speed, and action. This man can do it all!!!  I love David's quotes of himself.

OHHHHHH!!!! And this was my BIG thing from Thursday I remember. Ok so duh!!!!  We saw that the guy videoing everyone was gonna be Todd. They left ZERO to the imagination on Thursday so why in God's name it was supposed to be a big reveal today is beyond me. Worst. Surprise. Ever. I think my dog even knew what was going on! What the hell? BUT...since that little note says Victor is alive and to finish what he started I'm curious. Todd almost looked like he was about to go into the Twilight Zone, I swear. The look in his eyes!

Oh and Thursday's episode was leaked this morning. Get it together Hulu.  I only saw bits and pieces but it seemed good.

I'll be back on Thursday. Still not used to this schedule.



  1. Vicki may not get married in Vegas! Not atoll!! (Loved that.)

    As for Victor / Todd, I am praying this means an Irene Manning return.


  2. The only positive thing I thought on the new viewing schedule is that ME will have an easier time blogging. I'm with you though- super grateful we have the show again.

    Total girlcrush on Natty yesterday. Why did ABC never play up how gorgeous she is? I actually like the Nat/Des friendship whatever- NuDes needs a big sister type so I'm imagining that Clint told Natty to take her to lunch or something and they bonded. That's what I find myself doing a lot with shorter episodes- imagining the in between stuff. And if Des is going to encourage Nat/Cutter, I'm all for it.

    Hurricane Mija trying to cook and then wiping out with the gnocchi was hilarious. I so prefer funny, manic Mija to Dan-YELLA who cried and pined for 42 year-old Nate and was basically Starr-Lite.

    On the same page with you that Michelle is going to be Hannah 2.0. Lame cliffhanger. Hope someone good is behind the note.

  3. @Christie Glad you liked the Vicki comment. I really need her to say "not atoll" soon! I don't even know why it's taken this long. Oh and I'll about Irene returning. You know that. The clone of Liz Hubbard. ;)

    @Lauren Awe...I'm so glad you thought of me! Yes, it makes my life easier. Huge positive thing. And that's more time for you to study for that bar exam, right? I'm girl crushing on Natalie too. I think MA has never looked better. She is quite the knockout. I'm gonna wait and see how I like the NuDes/Natty relationship. Not sure about it. But, yes great thought that Clint told Natty to bond with her. I love your imagination. And I just want Cutter and Natalie to do it already. I mean what are you waiting for?! I prefer Hurricane Mija, too; however, I think I wouldn't be so irritated right now if I just had ONE DAY without them on. LMAO...42 year old Nate!!! That is hysterical! Oh and he was recently in a Law & Order: SVU and I love that show and refused to watch that episode because he was in it. UGH. OMG...Michelle will probably make Hannah look tame! Eh, on second thought maybe not. I did love Hannah. But Michelle will def be in the crazy sauce. Oh and I'm hoping Irene is behind the note but let's just wait and see....

    1. Haha my mom is legit convinced I am going to fail the bar because the soaps are back. I will remind her that the reduced episode count gives me I have more time to study. And one day next week I will actually open those review books :)Glad you boycotted Nate on SVU- I would have done the same.

    2. @lauren You will pass the bar with flying colors! Channel your inner Tea or Nora. You GOT this. OMG...Nate can suck my big toe. I just cannot deal with him. WOOF.

  4. @Christie I meant "I'm all about Irene returning". UGH. I can't type.