Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Victor Returns from Lavish Vacay

Victor:  "I really just want a bath and some flan from the Buenos Dias.  It's good to be home."

Afternoon my dear readers! I actually totally forgot I needed to blog! Ah! Anyway, I saw I have some comments and I will at least try and answer the people who asked questions. Hopefully I can do that by tomorrow.  Maybe while I'm at the airport.  And remember after today, I'm going to test blogging every TWO days. Just a reminder.  Ok...

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

     Ok...not that Tea needed to lose ANY weight at all but she looks thinner! She looks soooo thin!

     I love Vicki and Dorian so much that I could watch them read the phone book so just to watch them go at it is fabulous.  And Vicki is right...to be a junior senator how in God's name did Dorian end up on the intelligence committee?  I haven't read any spoilers as to who is setting Dorian up.  Have y'all? I'm going to be very interested to see how this plays out.  I love that Dorian's outfits are back, i.e., I have REALLY missed those hats! No one sports a hat like her.

     Thank God we have this doctor and not that terrible smurf doctor with ZERO bedside manner that handled Matthew's brain injury.  Small favor, I'll take it.

     I didn't believe that nurse for one minute when she said to TSJ "Sir you have to get out of here."  A little more authority, darlin'.  Please let TSJ have some dialogue today. Helen Keller would have at least uttered something at this point...

     The opening...again.  Ok so I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dancing, especially Bo and Nora. I think my main thing is that I am just taking a REALLY long time to warm up to the music WITH the dancing...if that makes sense. This is just totally different from anything else I have seen and like most things they take a while to get used to. I used to hate brussels sprouts and now I love them. I love Dorian's fiesta looking outfit.  I like the Blair and Todd part too but I am not a fan of the Dan-YELLA and Tea part.  I can't explain why I just don't like it.

     I think Dorian is totally telling the truth about handing the documents to the right people. When is the last time Vicki was actually taking charge on a news story? Like, for real? I honestly can't remember.  I love this!!!

     Yes Cutter, don't let the patrons leave.  False imprisonment civil suit!!! LOL. No one sues for that these days.  That vodka looks cheap as hell and I bet it is nasty to shoot.  But when you are that age and someone says "Free shots!" you will drink rubbing alcohol if they told you it was vodka...from experience.

     Yeah, ok Dorian has 100% convinced me. I totally believed she did the right thing. Gosh, what happened to Dorian's big send off and she and Vicki having a heart to heart? LOL.

     Yes Tea, Matthew is going to tell you that Dan-YELLA is taking Oxy. What kind of stupid question is that?  I mean that's like if someone lost her virginity and then the friend went and told the mom "Such and such cashed in her v-card!" Ummm no.  WHAT?!?!  Dammit to hell!!!!! I thought Tea was supposed to say "I don't want any f*cking water, Blair!"  I was waiting on the first f-bomb! Aren't they allowed one per show? Le sigh...it was obviously cut. Aaaand Todd just called Tea a shitty parent. Those are fighting words and I love it.

     Clint watching the tiff from afar. Cute.

     A Port Charles reference. I have no idea what or who Todd does in Port Charles so if any GH fans want to dish please feel free.  Eh, and I hate to say it but Todd's right. From the looks of it Tea is being a shitty parent to Dan-YELLA but only because she is wholly consumed with grief.  He just wastes no time telling it like it is.  I still don't care for NuJack. If someone is a REALLY staunch advocate of him, you are more than welcome to try and sway my opinion with three positive things about him. WHOA!!!! So this is how they are gonna let Victor enter? Slamming Todd up against the wall and now everyone sees  him? Hmm ok. LOL at Jeffrey videoing this shiz. That's what everyone does these days unfortunately.  What a night, huh?!  Dan-YELLA od's and now Tea has Victor back. This is a lot to effing process! And it's Victor's bday right? Everyone should take the party back to Shelter and have free shots on Cutter and just leave Dan-YELLA in the hospital room. LOL. I kid.  And he speaks!  I'm very eager to know where Victor has been all this time.  Has he been squatting in the Buchanan mansion since apparently it's abandoned? LOL. I mean Renee might be there but she lives in the attic so I can't imagine they would have ever crossed paths. It's a thought.

     So is Rama like the manager? The bartender? Has that been disclosed and I missed that?

     LMAO..."That sow! That cow! That bitch!"  I'm gonna say all three of those things at some point today. I just need to find someone to yell at! "Anything but the Huffington Post!"  This is hysterical.

     I love watching Clint and Vicki enter a scene together. I'm such a dork.

     I don't understand why people do Oxy (or meth, or X, etc.).  Anything with weird shit in it that makes you itch or you don't know what's in it...don't do it.  Matthew is at least smart enough to know better and to stop using.  Eh...Matthew does treat Destiny like shit.  My verdict is still out on her.

   May I just say that so far I'm actually liking this episode BETTER than yesterday. Even though my favs aren't on I like how the show is focused on three main scenes/stories. The characters are on long enough as opposed to back in the day when I felt there were too many scenes crammed into one show. This is great!

     I was hoping for a Clint and Matt scene.  I love their relationship.  I by no means want Clint to be a father figure to Matt but I like their bond.

     Poor Tea.  Poor Victor. Her year has been hell and he basically missed a year of his life.  Talk about a vortex of hell.

   Wait...so when Tea and Victor walk back in the waiting room from the hallway I feel that people should have been more shocked to see Victor? I feel that everyone is like "Oh Victor's here.  I'm not surprised."  I dunno. Maybe I'm just tired and not watching correctly which could be it.  My heart didn't warm with the NuJack and Victor hug so obviously I'm a frigid bitch.

     I love the sets, p.s. I know I said that yesterday but good job, Prospect Park!

     Love that Jeffrey calls Vicki "boss."  LMAO..."the L word?"  Ok so when Jeffrey said "shit" in front of Vicki part of me was like "No!!!! You can't utter such words in Queen V's presence!"  I'm sure ES probably hasn't had many young people say that in front of her.

     I think I discovered my problem with new Desinty...I can't understand or hear half of the words coming out of her mouth. I think that's one of my main issues.  It's too quick.  LMAO... Bo the sugar daddy is sending checks (God knows he hasn't spent his money on decent real estate) and Nora babysits! Matthew needs to step the f*ck up!!!! He was raised better. Bo and Nora need to beat his ass! See, I can actually believe that this Matthew and this Destiny would have hooked up.  Now, the old Matt and Des...no, that was not believable. It's still not. It never will be. That is the root of my problem with this whole thing...the whole Matt/Des thing was just a joke.

     LOL..."And two wrongs don't make a right. Thanks, teach."  Todd's sharp tongue is fantastic!!!  Ok, TnB fans! They are having a sit down convo ALONE!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Blair called Todd an ASSHOLE! Think of all the times she should have had the right to call him that...or worse.  Little things like this make my day.  How do you TnB'ers put up with all of this angst!?  It would drive me crazy!!! LOL.

     WHAT? Ok Cutter when you are closing a club you need to at least let people watch the 2 a.m. show!  You know when they turn on the lights and finish playing the last song and you finish your drinks and you watch who everyone pairs off with to go home together that night. That's a fun pasttime!  Ok is Vimal on the show or not?  I think he is?  Why don't I know this?  I'm getting some chemistry between Rama and Cutter.

     LMAO....When Dorian pointed up to the sky David thought God and I thought she meant Jesus. But she meant the president. I love it!  Speaking of Dorian being the only female medical doctor serving in the Senate when is the last time she practiced medicine? OMIGOD...it is STILL a problem at Dorian's and God knows it will be a problem at Vicki's!  Why in God's name don't these people have fences for their backyard!  I hope that Vicki AT LEAST started locking her door!  Last time she left it open Allison Perkins surfaced! I do love that crazy bitch.

    You know, if McBain and his perfectly groomed coif were on the case he would have Dorian's problem solved, name the mystery man Victor killed, etc.  And speaking of hair, I kinda miss not making Gigi hair comments. Le sigh.

     And Dan-YELLA will be fine.  We can now all sleep peacefully tonight.

Off to pack! I'll be back later!


  1. Oh ME, How I've missed your spot-on posts! Always good for a laugh. :) FYI on Todd (My personal fave) and GH: Todd originally came to Port Charles for Starr who was in the hospital following an accident that killed Hope and Cole (Blair, Tea, McBain also showed up).

    Seeing as Starr was the only one who loved him for who he was, he decided to stay. He bought up a Newspaper/Magazine publishing firm and opened the Port Charles version of Sun and would now run his operations from there. He labeled it Manning Enterprises with a big sign although the only letters you could really see were ME (which cracks me up). He moved into a Penthouse at the Metrocourt Hotel run by Carly(Corinthos)Jax, who had also met Blair, and was the mother of Starr's new Beau (and the guy who saved her life), Michael Corinthos.

    Carly took an instant liking to Todd, and he to her and she agreed to help him with Blair, until Blair ended it once and for all, now wearing an engagement ring from Tomas. Last we heard, she'd gone off to be with him. Todd was devastated, Carly lost her man Johnny, and now the two were free - hot sex, lots o' drama later, the two declared their love. I have to admit they're pretty awesome together. But Prospect Park happened, so Carly broke up with him for good. McBain got called away from PC by the Feds, Starr had to move to LA for Langston, and Todd gave them rides on his jet before heading back to LLanview for some non disclosed reason. And now you're in the know!

    Sorry it was so long, I take my Todd seriously! LOL!

    Love ya!


    1. This was awesome. I was really confrustrated about what was going on.

    2. YoSammitySam! I missed you and your comments. FLURVE (to quote ME, Lol)that we're all back together again...

  2. Loved this! I agree about today's show being better then yesterdays and on kids drinking any kind of free liquor you can pour at them! Really loving your blog! <3

  3. "Bo the sugar daddy is sending checks (God knows he hasn't spent his money on decent real estate)" - Prize winner today...loved!


  4. "Wait...so when Tea and Victor walk back in the waiting room from the hallway I feel that people should have been more shocked to see Victor? I feel that everyone is like 'Oh Victor's here. I'm not surprised.' I dunno. Maybe I'm just tired and not watching correctly which could be it."

    No, it isn't you. They didn't seem that surprised. But then again, this isn't the first time one of these brothers has come back from the dead, so maybe they really weren't that shocked?

    Speaking of which, if it is Victor's birthday, isn't it Todd's too? Aren't they twins or something? (And does this mean they have the same birthday as Sonny Corinthos???)

    La Boulaie is killing me. I FLOVED the old set and they moved the staircase and everything is smaller and now I'm in set mourning. I hate to think what they did to that beautiful kitchen. *sigh* First world problems.

    I saw Vimal's name in the ending credits, so I assume he is going to be on the show.

  5. For those of you who do not watch GH and do not know what happened, Todd left Port Charles because Dani called him all upset about something. He dropped Starr off in LA on his way back to Llanview. John McBain is on a secret mission with the FBI. None of them will be returning to GH. The actors are getting new roles.

    Also, I think they should have been way more shocked over Victor's return and also explained it better.

  6. Sorry, just realized someone else already explained it lol. But on that note, are they tied to what happened on GH? I mean, most OLTL fans probably still assume Starr is with Cole and Hope and pursuing her music career.

  7. I liked Tuesday's show better also. I am glad Cutter is still on the show...he is so cute! I liked Aubrey, but I got tired of her bossing Cutter around all the time.

    The La Boulaie set really IS tiny! At least we still have Dorian's fabulous painting. Did Christian do that? I forget. I do like LLanfair and Nat's apartment.

    Why isn't everyone making a bigger deal about Victor? I don't get it unless they are just saving the Victor story for a while. My husband calls Victor the "good Todd". He never took to RH. I am a huge fan of both.

    If you guys have never watched the online soap "The Bay", it has tons of soap vets on it and is actually quite good. The episodes are between 6-9 minutes, for when you want something short to watch.

    I have missed Dorian and Vicky so freaking much!

    I know, I think it is funny they have the same birthday as Sonny Corinthos. I started watching GH again last year when OLTL when off, and am completely hooked. Ron Carlivati is a great writer. Now I have two soaps! *happy squeal*

    Mary-Ella, your blogs are just THE BEST. Thanks again!

  8. Why is everybody jumping down Jeffrey King's throat?! Like every person says "Who the hell are you!", ridiculously hostile for no reason? He seems like a good guy, geez learn some manners Llanview!

  9. I'm attempting to type this comment on my phone and I smell disaster brewing. I'll attempt anyway. Can't be too lengthy!
    Firstly...RC and Desi...thank y'all for the thorough GH recaps! I hadn't a clue as to what is going on. Today at lunch my husband's grandmother if I watched GH and I told her "no" and she was asking about Todd. Loved saying "Oh he is on my show now!" Ha!

  10. UGH! The commenting is so screwy!!!! It wouldn't let me hit "return!" I'm about to throw this phone in Marty Saybrooke fashion.
    RC I love how seriously you take Todd!
    And Desi yes most think Starr is with Langston in LA pursuing music and neglecting Hope. LOL.
    Thanks Laura and Christie! ;) Y'all are the sweetest! Free booze is always a winner and Bo needs to purchase real estate.
    Jen...glad I wasn't the only one who thought no one looked shocked. I know they have seen this before but damn! And GREAT point about the same bdays!!! And co-sign about La Boulaie!
    Kaye...thank you so much for the link about the giraffe!!!!!! Made my day! Cutter is cute huh? And I like both RH and TSJ but I just prefer TSJ as Victor. It fits better for me. Your husband prefers a certain Todd and mine asked where Robert Ford was! LOL.
    Yo Sammity...so glad you surfaced and that I had to track your ass down on twitter! =P And I love Jeffrey! Everyone should back off.
    I must go. Glad I got to some of these tonight! Cheers everyone!

  11. Ay Mija, you are too funny! I laughed my butt off reading your comments, and since you know me personally, you know I'll take any excuse to burn calories! LOL! Marty Saybrooke fashion...hahahahahaha

    Yes, I love me some Todd, but mostly, it's because I love me some Roger Howarth. In my opinion, there are 3 great actors that daytime TV produced: Roger, David Canary (Adam and Stuart Chandler - Chandler, go figure) and Tuc Watkins (David Vickers). Don't get me wrong, there are so many awesome performers, Hilary, Bob, etc., but these 3 are the only ones I know of that make up their lines as they go along and no one yells cut. To our funny bone's benefit. BTW, Mary-Ella, I told Tuc about your blog, as well as the official OLTL website (so maybe they'll read it too and "LURVE" it as we do.

    I can't speak for Prospect Park/ABC, and I know what ya'll have heard about the actors returning in new roles to GH. What I can hint at is that McBain and Starr refused to play ball (and that's their choice - no judgement), but Roger did. He happily came back to OLTL for 6 weeks and was willing to stay longer, but the show said that was enough and he is the only one going back to GH on good terms, so it may or may not be possible that he will return as Todd, seeing as they've not yet dismantled ME (Manning Enterprises) there (in fact, they've hired a new secretary and old staff in his interim - just saying). This of course, is only speculation, and I could be wrong, but one can hope.

    As for Robert Ford...he died on OLTL in front of us, so...in any event, I love David A. Gregory, he's an amazing talent and a nice guy, who now stars on the NBC hit DECEPTION (also starring Bree Wiliamson - aka Jessica), so I'm guessing a return is a long shot.

    That's my 2 cents...

    Lurve ya!