Monday, May 13, 2013

Todd's Tolerance for Poison Is Spectacular!

Tea:  "Victor, could you please let me and the viewers know what is going on with this whole poisoning Todd thing. We are so confused and I just can't take it anymore."

Hello all! Hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day weekend! I'm kinda pressed for time this shouldn't be too long unless I type REALLY fast.  I'll do last Thursday's show and today's episode in this post.

Episodes for May 9th and May 13th

Quick recap of May 9th

This is my memory typing...

Love that Dorian now has a plan to get Vicki!  And the scenes between Vicki and Dorian were so fabulous. Vicki was NOT having it and I believe there was even an eye roll involved. Also, even though I don't like NuJack AT ALL it was nice to see Dorian out and about (even in that obnoxiously LOUD floral coat) with her nephew and showing them spending some QT. I like it. I feel that so many relationships weren't shown on the former OLTL but maybe that's a different story this go around.  Oh and I remember I love Vicki's office! Very Queen V!

OMG...Bora Bora. Hilarious and so cute and can't believe they actually used their own mash-up name. I'm very curious to see where this radio storyline is going to go but I'm totally openminded.  Bo's office looks almost the same! My favorite was when Nora told Bo he was fast and he responded with "I know. I'm famous for that." *wink wink* Naughty. I dig it.

Todd using his money to get his children's love.  Sometimes that works.  At least Dan-YELLA is taking advantage.  I do think that this whole fallout with Mija and Tea is pretty acurate as far as relationships with angry 21 year olds that resent that parents at the moment. God, was I this much of a bitch?!  I don't think so. I know I was unpleasant at times but damn. Todd saying "j/j" instead of "j/k" and saying "bomb diggity."  OMG dying laughing. RH is too cute!  OH...and Tea JUST NOW noticed Victor's tatto?!  WHAT THE HELL?!  I don't believe that.  And apparently another little pal of Victor's with the same lovely tattoo is in town so hopefully we will get down to the bottom of this shiz soon.

Matthew is driving me CRAZY. Do y'all hear me?! CRAZY. And I remember that Jeffrey seemed to be the only one with any manners at that apartment.  SELF LOVE WITH MOISTURIZER?! Oh.My. Well, I guess at that age and you move in with two guys and you share a bathroom...sure, throw that out there.

I'll say this again. I'm soooo confused with this poisoning bit. Is this like poisonig someone with anti-freeze? I've seen a 48 Hours Mystery and another crime show how you can poison someone with anti-freeze over a period of time from a few days to weeks. I think? Maybe this is that kinda poisoning. I'm just confused at this rate. Todd did look like death warmed over when he went to Vicki's office and did start to act funny but again...confusion is all upon me.  Oh and I love the Vicki/Todd talk at the end. Vicki calling Victor "Faaaaaaaather."  Random Brit dialect thrown in every now and then. I am ready for her to say "not atoll!" That's my fav. And Todd called Vicki an "inspiration" or something. What is going on?!

All I remember...

May 13th

Oh Blair those jeans. Plain white would have been fine.

Surprise! Destiny with the baby! This ought to be good.

LMAO...Zen Todd! He.Cracks.Me.Up.  And Vicki used "detente".  One of my fav words! And thanks for asking which Todd we are dealing with Victoria! I'm dying to know, too!

Tea needs a vacation.  That's all.  HOLY CRAP!!! Actually, it appears she is gonna need a vacation to St. Anne's soon! I'm dying for someone to be in St. Anne's with the nuns. And I would love for Allison Perkins to surface. I can't get enough of that kooky bitch.  What normal person would be able to keep putting up with all this craziness!?  I hate for Tea to be upset but I'm also glad Victor is going to deal with these tattoed effers because I want to know what the hell is going on!

Matthew.Is.Such.A.Douche!!!! God, he is a slapdick and I hate him right now!!! Ummmm could it be any more obvious they are gonna pair up Jeffrey and Destiny? He is all over her with sweet words and compliments, etc.

Sam:  "I'm not a kid and I can whoop your ass any day of the week!" YES!!! This kid is so awesome and in a perfect world Sam would absolutely kick NuJack's ass because he needs it...right after Matthew.  That computer tower may certainly be cool in Jack's eyes but it looks heinous and stupid.  I've seen vomit on the floor of a bar look better. Jack didn't spend his college savings on the computer? God, would Blair be so stupid to let him have access to that? Ugh...probably.

Todd is really pulling on my heart strings these days. Taking blame for the kids being screwed up! VERY ADULT! It's about time. I'm loving this...

Tea is knocking it out of the park today!  Poor thing. I still don't know if TSJ is staying. Is he? "IF I come back I will never leave you again?" Yikes. One never wants to hear those words. LMAO...what did Tea throw? That was hilarious.  It just bounced. LOL.   If I were Tea I would want to kick Victor's ass despite the fact I love him.

Again, can they shove the future Jeff/Des pairing in our faces any more?!  Also, how cute is Jeffrey with a baby?!  Ok. That's it! I HAVE EFFING HAD IT WITH MATTHEW!!!!!  And while I'm on this rant...have the teens been on EVERY SINGLE DAY?! Jesus, I would like just ONE day without seeing these 4. Just one day please. Anyway, I don't understand Matthew's attitude.  I just don't.

Sam needs to just come and live with me and be my friend. We could hang out and eat snacks and he could make me laugh and help me decide on baby names. Yes, this could work.   "Scarface."  Back to using that I see. I like it.

LMAO...more Vickers and Todd.  Todd is like a kid in Toys 'R Us!!! "Did he seem happy?"  Awe. No death from poison please.  WHICH BY THE WAY...Todd seems as healthy as a damn horse!!! WHAT.THE.HELL?!   I guess I'm gonna stick with the "slow death" poisoning type thing. Is there even another option?

NuJack will lash the hell out about Victor leaving. The really really really EVIL mean going to hell Mary-Ella enjoys Jack being upset. WHY oh why do I have it out for this kid?!  At least Tea made Victor tell them "goodbye" before he left. At least there was a big group hug before they left. WHAT? Victor said give Todd a chance? I'm so confused by all this sincerity? Is that what this is?

I do like that Destiny isn't putting up with any of Matthew's shit that he throws at her! I still am not feeling this Destiny just yet but I love the sparring. AND A SLAP! Eh...Matthew, you need to talk to your mom about that abortion foolishness.  Let's not forget.  I want to personally reach through the tv and give Matthew a huge wedgie and then beat the shit out of him with a pot or pan, etc.  I'm too vain to injure my manicured hands.  "BO, will take care of her and Drew."  What the hell is this about?! First name basis with your dad AND you expect him to take care of your son?! OH.HELL.NO. If Matthew says "Nora" instead of Mom I'm really gonna lose it.  Jeffrey...the voice of reason! UGH. I hate all of this right now!

Look at Santa Claus busting up in La Boulaie.  LMAO. Just make out already you two! Just do everyone a favor and make out. Blair:  "Your son is you."  Very ice.

Please tell me Tea and Victor AT LEAST had a quickie before he leaves for God knows how long. I'm gonna pretend they did because if not then that's just dumb.  Well this is sad. Woof. But maybe we'll get some answers soon.

That damn scotch. I just don't think I should comment on this foolishness anymore until we get some more answers because none of us know a damn thing and if one of you reading knows what is up then please feel free to let us all in on this big poison plot.

I'm fine with Jack destroying the computer because it was uglier than Honey Boo Boo's mom's ass. Ugh.

Jesus is that what I'm in for with my child?! Shit everywhere?!  Apparently so.

Oh dammit. Open the door then silence. This show is too short for me!!! But I feel this way about all shows I love and that's only a few.

And where in the hell is Natalie?!?!  She has hardly been on and I'm shocked!

Ok, I have to head to the grocery. Hope y'all had a marvelous Monday!


  1. LOL, I think several fans of OLTL had the same thought today. "Why in hell are the damn teens on every freakin day!". Honestly I think they have a good group of young actors, but no character should be on as much as they have been. Otherwise fans tire of them, fast. Today was just the final straw. I almost hit my TV this morning when Matthew said "Bo", little ass!
    I love Tea, but there is something about her crying that irks me. I just want to hit her.
    Todd, I am loving Todd more than I ever have. I am feeling emotion from him and I love it.
    I loved Sam, David, and Jack scene, talk about people with the same maturity level. lol
    All and all, I am ready for more Bora Bora.

  2. I agree with you that I LOVE all the different character interactions- David & Sam, Natalie & Blair, David & Todd, and especially Dorian & Jack- never thought I would see them lunching and high fiving. Giant bravo to the writers for thinking outside the box. And all this Todd & Viki interaction, which were my favorites in the 90s.

    I think TSJ is gone for now? Not sure where that leaves Tea storywise.

    I guess I will be Matthew's lone fan of your blog. After the Starr Crossed Lovers era, I love this effed up crew- but yes they need a day or two off. I think the Matthew actor is doing just enough to show he's conflicted about the whole Des/Drew thing to make me hate his behavior but still root for him. But he deserved the slap- it should have been more intense like when Mama Destiny hauled off and slapped Nora. And referring to Bo as Bo needs to end- are the writers just trying to remind us he's connected to Bo? Can we just have a scene establishing that? But the fact that I am not calling him "the new Matthew" is good. I called Bree "the new Jessica" for like 3-4 years.

    I'm still just so glad our show is back & that I'm excited to watch every day.

  3. @mojo I think the teens are fine actors it is just I would like just a break every now and then. I was pleased with them and pleasantly surprised when I first saw them but now it's like "Ok, let's have a little break." ya know? Matt calling his dad "Bo." Stop. I was furious. Tea is a fab actress but recently she is making me depressed. I LOVE Todd. I have never been a TnB fan ( I don't hate them but they just don't do it for me) but I LOVE Todd. Always have and always will. I love Sam and David but still want to kill Jack. know I'm all about Bora Bora. More of that asap. ;)

    @lauren the new character interactions are fantastic! I think this is how it's going to be on this reboot since the canvas is so much smaller they have no choice but to have interaction with people that usually did not. Keep it coming! Loving it! Oh and Todd and Vicki...Lurve.
    So, I watched the Today Show yesterday and Candice Cameron was being interviewed about her new show and it is the one TSJ is on. So I think he might be short term but from what I hear RH is going to do both OLTL AND GH. I think this is right. Look...Matthew is a great actor. I mean if they were going to recast EA then they could not have picked a better guy. I just need him to stop acting like such a douche! Yes, I just call him Matthew, too. And I want Matt to have more interaction with his parents and more conflict about how they feel not taking care of Drew etc. Bring it! LMAO...yes, "new Jessica". I did the same thing. And when they briefly replaced Marty I never called her new Marty I just said "that chick who replaced Marty." I'm thrilled the show is back too! Surreal!