Monday, May 6, 2013

Thirsty for Revenge

Parrot:  "No, Todd don't drink the scotch!"

Good evening! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Maybe some of you had a fun Cinco de Mayo?! We had a fun trip to New Orleans filled with friends and fattening food and a spider bite (long story).  I'm going on and blogging today because I can't blog again until Wednesday due to filming, appointments, etc.

Monday, May 6, 2013

     Is this not the CHEESIEST title for this blog?!  I couldn't think of anything else. Desperate times...
AND I could not find ANY pictures from this episode! FML. GRRR.
     Everytime I see the ad for Jaegermeister I get nauseous because when I was in high school I got so drunk off of it I couldn't see straight. I want to puke every time I see it. YUCK. Cough syrup!  

     I'm going to make a REALLY BIG assumption and say Victor has taken a bath/shower. I can't think about the alternative.  Oooooh ways to kill!!!  This is getting juicy. He is wasting no time going after Todd.  Also, are both of these cats supposed to be on the show for the long haul? I thought I read somewhere that TSJ got another gig or something. Just curious. I don't have time to search for the answers. 

     Steppin' it up!  What happened to MyFace?!  This is like legit Facebook. I like it.  Should we start counting the number of times they say "shit" per episode? I feel that is the only curse word these teens know. Or maybe I just think that this curse word is being overused.  Let's change it up a bit.

     I know all of you Natalie fans are happy to see her today!  About as happy and surprised as I am to see Nora today. And holy shit (I had to use that word...hehe), Natty has an office/lab! A LAB! So she can do legit forensic science! Let's see how often this bad boy is put to use.

     The Real Housewives of Llanview! I love it.  Hell, I love a Housewives franchise...guilty. But I love Vickers trying to film Todd. It's so comical. Vickers is getting a lot of screen time!

     Kelly Missal is doing AWESOME!!!!!  She really has become a superb little actress.  Ok, I know she is 21 and all but this is Tea and Victor and I'm surprised they are letting her just leave after returning from the hospital from a drug overdose. And Victor looks so f*cking tired! Give this man a Tylenol PM and let him go to sleep for a few days.  Ooooh grabbing Tea's arm like that.  He has definitely returned to Llanview a different man.

     Ok, so the opening was catchy today. I will leave it at that. Ugh.  Ross was humming the damn thing on Friday. HUMMING it! I was like "OMG, no you're not?!" 

     I'm really digging this Natty/Nora scene. Maybe they will try and build this relationship. I really hope so. Natty used to have a really good relationship with "Uncle Bo" back in the day but then Rex got involved and the rest is history.  "Missing John?"  Who doesn't miss John?  Ok so are they going to elaborate on this further? Surely! And who did he leave her for? Sam from General Hospital? I don't have a damn clue. And what about Liam? Surely McBain visits Liam etc. And this is random but there has been zero mention of Jessica which I'm also curious about.  OMG Nora and Natty going shopping. This is too cute. "Brush your hair."  LOL

    "Cat piss" and "dickhead". At least they changed it up. What in God's name does Matthew do? He is dishing out anti-drug advice to Dan-YELLA but what does he do on a daily basis? I mean...he looks for apartments and scopes out chicks on FB. He is obviously spending ZERO time with his kid. And Bo and Nora are just paying for him to frolic around Llanview? WTF?  At least Dan-YELLA called out Matthew about being a family man.  These two kids are heathens!

     Victor looks like he just needs to collapse.  I'm getting sleepy just watching him.  And he is sooooo damn preoccupied.  I understand that Tea doesn't want to overstep her bounds and let Victor adjust but I would want to be like "talk to me!!!! I haven't seen you in a year because I thought you were dead and, oh yeah, our baby died and you are avoiding me like the plague so will you please sit down and talk to me since I'm the woman you love supposedly. Ah! Let's get through this together."

     I just find this whole Vickers/Todd thing hysterical.  And Todd is clearly just cracking himself up.  LMFAO. Vickers saying "turn off the camera" and shaking his head no.  And I couldn't help but laugh about the selling the baby in Mexico comments. Look at Todd being GENUINE!!!!  You know...I actually feel bad for him.  I do. Maybe because I just like him so much but I do feel bad for him.

     Am I supposed to assume that Todd's room (assuming it is his) is at The Palace Hotel?  And is Renee Divine running it?

     Clint is just so handsome.  Le sigh.  Is that office at Llanfair? It looks like there are many feminine touches to it.  Oh we go again.  And, like a David Copperfield magic trick, BOOM!  Matthew has a job! Just like that.  Picking up where we left off from 2012, Matthew is gonna work for Clint. I am totally for this and based on the way Clint said Matthew better not make him regret this decision I have a feeling evil Clint is coming back and I couldn't be happier. That sly bastard.

     Blair looks cute and could fit it at a club now or could have attended Studio 54 in the '70's with ease.  I'm sorry but I'm so humored by drunk Todd. I find it charming.  I don't know why because I came back from a table read Sunday night to find Ross drunk from margaritas and attempting to make fajita nachos. It was a near catastrophe. That wasn't quite charming.  I wish these two would just make out. I know they have to mend fences etc.  Last time you let your guard down, Blair?  Gosh everytime you let your guard down you get f*cked over. I keep thinking about Eli Clarke. LOL. Looking back that whole thing is so comical.

     Ewwww did Matthew and Jeffrey buy everything from Ikea?!  I'm getting anxiety just thinking about them having to put that shit together.  Oh Instagram selfie.  I'm not really into selfies.  I can deal with them if people don't do duck face.  I tell you what though...that Matthew is quite the cutie.  He is always raising those eyebrows!

     "Mijita".  Cute.  Another red flag and Tea is just going to go on and go to dinner?  Eh. I just find that kinda odd.  Victor's on a mission. Obviously he is out to get Todd. This ought to be good.

     Jeffrey just hurt himself and said "shit" and then in the next sentence he said the "screws are for shit". Let's tone it down with the shits.  Who is this Michelle, bitch? Some crazy loon that will hit the town?

     Awe and now Clint and Natty! How fabulous!  So basically everyone is telling Natty she is tired and looks like shit. LOL. What a day.  And she actually looks fantastic.  These two are adorable.

     NuJack. I can't.  Wait just a damn minute!  They serve dinner at Shelter?!  So it's a fancy dinner place until 10 or so? Is that the catch? LMAO at NuJack and Dan-YELLA pointing the knives.  And who the hell is taping everyone!!!??? AH! The suspsense is killing me! I wish it was Marty Saybrooke. LOL. She could get back at "Todd" and Todd for all the horrible things they did to her.

     Victor doesn't play! He went straight for the scotch. Oh eye roll, Todd just walked right past Victor? Whatevs but I'll go with it.  Eerie with the heartbeat sound in the background. I'm intrigued.
NOOOO! I don't want the show to be over. Dammit!!!

     I'll try and respond to comments toon. Regardless, I'll be back to blog on Wednesday!






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  2. Babes I TOLD you after 5+ views that opening seems okay - just look out for the 10th when you want to start throwing things again LOL!!!!!!!

    But yeah - imma singing along too - I catch myself and rme - but yep - still kinda singing. I am not sure I like that about me but whatevs

    And just saying John didn't leave Nat for shit - that is totes a Clint scam dontchaknow. It's such a mystery what they are going to do re Jolie

    David V and Todd M have mad chem. That is all. More please.

    Ya know - Todd is a shit and has a lot to make up for - but errbody fanwanks this away from him and onto Blair cuz - well damn-it - RH can break out that total woobie puppy dog face and brilliant grin and everyone is all - oooohhhhh Blair is sooooo mean!!!!!!!!! Now . . . . KISS!!!!!

    She's just as affected as we are but she's not as easy. Well maybe not this time I hope. I hope she makes him crawl over hot coals if only because RH will be so damn fascinating in how he chooses to portray doing it.

    And I want them to ACTUALLY work things out so they can stay together for maybe - I don't know _ a friggin MONTH???

    Poor Todd. Only really not LOL - screw his cute ass making us fanwank his cray!!!!!

    I dunno where Todd's room is but it is way boss.

    Am really digging the young ones - can you BELIEVE how good Danyella is doing? That gal just needed some good material I think - I am buying into her totally. And nuMatt is a great little sympathetic douche. You always need a lot of those on a soap.

    These guys are doing a great job with pacing with emotional beats I think - personally I am just DYING to see what is next and THAT my friend is what is going to keep our beloved OLTL fam ALIVE and THRIVING!!

    Tons of love to you ME!!!

    cri cri

  3. Omg, I had that exact same experience with Jager! Just the smell of it makes me want to throw up and I worked at a gas station where people seemed to love that stuff and would come in smelling of it...

    The cussing in this thing is so funny to me and being in the age group of those people, sadly that is a how a lot of us talk. We have no vocabulary whatsoever and use cuss words to spruce up our sentences. It's quite sad, and it sounds terrible on a television show.

    You have no idea how happy I was that Todd drank the drink right away and didn't spend an entire episode dancing around it, or almost drinking it and then having to answer the door or a phone call. I hate when soaps do that.

    Also, even though I am still in love with Natalie, DanYELLA is hot and more age appropriate for me. I might switch in the future. The jury is out on that...

  4. Yeah, nobody could talk me into trying Jager.. I saw enough people have the same reaction you did.
    I was so happy to get Nora, such a surprise! I like how they are expanding everyone's circles. ABC had characters so isolated. Nat and Nora were to cute. Then to get our silverfox! Totally crossing my fingers for evil Clint. I loved evil Clint SOOO much!
    I am also diggin the young ones, which I can't believe.
    David and Todd were so great. I love that David isn't such an idiot. RHOL, finally a reality TV show I'd watch.
    Can't wait to read your comments for today's epi!!

  5. So where is this whole dinner area in Shelter? Another floor?

  6. LOVE that you dug up a picture of Moose the parrot. I loved him and Todd!

  7. I was trying to figure out of the dinner place was Shelter or the Palace.. But since Blair walked behind the bar like she owned the place I figured she did, and it was Shelter.

    What happened on GH with John is this- He kissed Sam, one kiss, somehow Todd got ahold of a photo, and send it to Natalie. Natalie sent him (via Clint) a restraining order, and was suing for sole custody of Liam. A bit extreme if you ask me...