Monday, April 29, 2013

My Kashi Cereal Has NEVER Tasted So Good!!!

Natty:  "Should I just wear this in the new opening? Maybe McBain will see me in next to nothing and want to come back.  This could work."

Monday, April 29, 2013

     And we meet again! It took over a year but miraculously we have our show back and this blog. So...let's get right to this. Again, ASSUMING I still know how to blog (and that is IF I even knew how to blog in the first place).  This post will be longer since it is the first episode. Not all will be like this...

     Does everyone just feel warm and cheery seeing Vicki in this opening scene?  Like Julie Andrews in the Sound of just gives me a good feeling. Also, I see not much has changed. Vicki has on black pants with a solid shirt that is asymetrical at the bottom (sometimes the top).  I'll be shocked if I see her in any form of a print once. But hey, if it ain't broke.  Clint looks snazzy and dapper.  And soooo thrilled The Banner is back on the front burner. I swear on the old OLTL you wouldn't even know that Vicki ran a paper because they never discussed it.

     Did Barney the dinosaur throw up in Dorian's living room? That is a lot of purple going a lot. Well, it's not really purple but I can't think of another analogy at the moment that deals with something in the purple family vomiting.  May I just take a moment to say that I love David Vickers. He is sooooo absurd, self-absorbed, clueless, and over the top but I find him so endearing and entertaining.  I literally laugh at loud at some of the nonsense he spouts off.  Enter Dorian...AND she has on a bomb ass wig! I absolutely love it.  Not many people can pull off bangs.  Do you have any idea how many people are running arond this country with bangs like that and they have no idea that they look like something from a horror film?! Bangs like this are only for a small population...just like skinny jeans. 

     Well hello, Natalie! Gratuitous boob shot. She looks gorgeous. I think I saw that dress at Bloomingdale's a couple of months ago. Oh my sweet lord...a SORAS'd Liam! Ah! How did I not know this was happening?!  He is NOT get me wrong but I LOVED baby Liam. That was literally like the CUTEST baby of all time...for realzies. Get over it, Mary-Ella.  So Natty's new apt...nice. Are they going to address where Jessica is? Just curious. Surely at some point.

     I didn't see Tea's baby die on GH but I hate that it happened. I do.  Especially since Victor "died" then she was pregnant then the baby dies? Eh...too much for me. On another note, I love that stuffed giraffe and need it for any of my future children's rooms. Tea is going to be so wrapped up in her own grief that she will ignore Dan-YELLA (yeah I'm not dropping that name just yet) and then Mija will lash out by taking drugs, partying etc. Got it.  The singing in the rocking chair to the stuffed animal reminds me of something I have seen on a Lifetime movie...

     My dog and I literally just jumped when Bo screamed "Where are you going?!"  Damn that was loud.  Holy Shit...the garret looks exactly the same almost. Good deal! still my heart. My favorite. Looks like she is dressed cute.  Oh wow...Oxycontin huh? Serious drug talk within the first 5 minutes.  This stuff is actually no joke.  More on new Matthew when I see him have some dialogue, etc.

     What a horrible tattoo on the stranger running through the street.  Someone should beat his ass just for having that...

     Nigel at Llanfair! I LOVE THIS!!! For some reason I didn't know if Nigel would be on the show. Why did I not know this?  Jeffrey King...hmmm.

     Oh a cheesy nightclub it.  I think Shelter is a pretty good name. Better than Capricorn. Oh....this new Destiny. I dunno. Now granted, you could have replaced the old Destiny with a Flat Stanley (y'all know what that is, right?) and I would have been happy but I dunno about this chick. Aesthetically she is GORGEOUS. But this Destiny seems like a game changer. And who dressed her? A streetwalker?   Love that they are all 21 now.  Girl, don't break out those dance moves just yet! Get a drink first for crying out loud! Nobody breaks out those moves until after a cocktail!

     I love Todd and I love Roger Howarth and I'm so glad he is on. He is such a badass.

     Glad the guy with the tattoo died. He was doing nothing for me...LOL.

     Oh my. This opening. Oh dear God. This opening.  First of all, seeing Bo and Nora first and still my heart. I'm so thrilled to see my favorites and that makes me so happy and I WANT to be happy abou it...but, I just do not like this opening.  AH. I hate to say this!!!! Really.  Time out...what the f*ck is NuJack (same name) wearing in this opening?!  Take that shit off immediately!  Anyway, ugh I just don't think I like the opening. :-(  Maybe it will grow on me?  Eh, no I doubt it. It's ok. I mean it's just the opening. I care more about the show and so far it's great. But the opening is kinda cheesy. Yes, it's just a little cheesy. I think I saw someone said it kind of reminded them of The Cosby Show opening and I couldn't agree more. I mean obviously you can't please me because I wanted a new opening to this show for forever and now we have one and I don't care for it. I need to hush.

     A REAL Vogue magazine! Love it! No fake shit on this show this time around. Awesomeness!  I love that David is directing Dorian for the reality show and she is obeying. Wait...nevermind she just lashed out. Dorian's outfit blends in COMPLETELY with that chair she was sitting on.  I love Dorian's hair. I won't let it go.

   Nice placement of the Macbook Pro.  OMG...Llanfair got a makeover! Praise God!!!!!! I have never been so excited about something in my life. Not really but this is pretty effing awesome.  I've never wanted to personally go redecorate a room so much in my life than I did that room at Llanfair.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Vicki is pursuing the story on Dorian. I need their fued to be front and center. So far this is fabulousness and how it is SUPPOSED to be!  I think I REALLY like this Jeffrey King guy, p.s.  He is so damn likeable it seems.

     Ok I really like the new Matthew. Don't get me wrong...I love and adore Eddie Alderson. But this is a new Matthew all together and this Matthew is just in a different place in his life...translation:  he is being a punk with an attitude.  But this guy is doing really well with Bob and Hillary. Great so far. I love the pink on Hillary. Matthew: "Don't wait up?"  Please someone tell me how they all sleep in this house?! Where is the room?!  Whannn these Bo and Nora scenes are too short for me.  Ahhhh...."shit" just got dropped. Lurve it. Ok so Jeffrey is friends with Matthew...check that.

     Rama looks like a hot tamale. *Sizzle*  And I'm finding Cutter attractive this go around.

     Blair's boobs in that dress. Oh my.  Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Blair Cramer did NOT just go hit on THAT GUY!!! REALLY?!  Give me an effing break! Of ALL the people at this club she is ging to go hit on this wimpy dude that is not even cute. Please.  And he isn't into cougars?  He should be lucky she is even talking to him. *eye roll*

     Ok so this dude in the hoodie has to be TSJ because we all know he is on the show and they haven't shown him. the tattoo was on that paper Todd had. I can't escape that symbol obviously. Le sigh.

     Man this is a REALLY different Matthew all together!  LOL...that's exactly how I walk into night clubs.  I check out the scene and shake my head and rub my hands together. Ha.  Eh...I'm not feeling new Destiny but I'm gonna give her a couple of weeks.  I'm not ready for crazy Marty Saybrooke to return and throw her off a roof or something but let's see.  I just need to be thankful the old one isn't back. I swear that purple pleather jacket of hers is going to surface any day now and give me nightmares. I am JUST now getting over that.

     I love David's obsession with reality tv. who is this constituent that called Dorian? Curious as to who is behind all this. LOL...Dorian is JUST now putting it together about The Banner? Love it.  An Alex Olanov shout out!!!!

     Does poor Natalie have ANY friends?! Ok...not gonna lie, I miss McBain. He needs to be on here. I'm not going to go on and on about it but I just wish he were here but nothing I can do.

     I literally groaned out loud when I saw NuJack.  I know, I'm a bitch and I need to give him the benefit of the doubt this second go around but it's just so hard. Plus he is dressing like a douchebag which doesn't help.  But, I did LURVE "Why do you look like shit?"  LMFAO. I love it. If he keeps using phrases like this then I'll probably like him soon!  Dan-YELLA's shorts are AMAZING and I want them!!!  Like now! I need to find out where she got those.  OMFG!!!!!!!  Someone is getting a bj at the club! LOL.  That stuff happens in places like that but kinda surprised they showed that. Racy...I like it.   Yes, Dan-YELLA go drink a random sweet martini from the bar. Hygenic. They are making her look incredibly desperate.

     Not sure how I feel about Cutter's dance moves. Actually I think I know how I feel because I'm laughing.  Besides Rama, Natalie and Cutter are the only people left of the same age right? So, of course, they have to pair them together...

     And they are drinking LEGIT beer and no Hounds! Even better than the Vogue magazine!  Did Matthew just say "Baby Mama?"  No...that is NEVER OK! I hate that phrase! Do not say it, Matthew!  Like ever again. You're already being a jackass and I don't need this shitty phrase thrown in as well!  But I do like new Matthew, too, despite his shitty attitude but that is what is character is supposed to be doing and he is doing it well. Ok, I love the Jeffrey guy. He is so likeable and cute and I like him.    LMFAO...Dan-YELLA:  "You're dad does oxy?"

     Ok so why did I just legitimately feel sorry for David when he was rejected from getting in the club? I have got to get a life.

     Blair and Tea are BY FAR the oldest people there. That is a shitty feeling. It's like going to your old college bar when you are 23 and everyone is 18 and you're like "WTF we are old now? When did this happen?"

    LMFAO....Todd "made it rain" at the club before he even got in there. Throwing $100 bills in there air like a boss. Hysterical.  All TnB fans rejoice...they are reunited!!!!  And Blair's furious...shocker.

     Poor Bo and Nora.  Can they catch a break? Please tell me they do soon. Last time they were dealing with the Eddie Ford thing (we are all assuming that magically got resolved) and now Matthew is being a prick and obviously not taking care of his kid. They need some FUN! My heart can't take them being stressed. AHHHH....these 3 all in a room together. I love it.  Get Clint a drink? Can that heart transplant recipient drink? Hmmm.  June wedding? Obviously don't make it June 1st.  Ok...I think I could cry I'm so happy Clint asked Bo to be his best man. I literally grinned from ear to ear. Made my day. LOVE IT!  Love these 3 all getting along.  And love that we are getting a Vicki and Clint wedding soon!

     LMFAOOOOOO!!!!!!  Natalie!   That is EXACTLY how I undress after a night at the club!!!!!!  And that is EXACTLY where I sleep! Kidding...well, if I'm drunk then I will do that but AT LEAST take the heels off! Plus, I have no children in the other room. These shots are so gratuitous...LOL.  Liam has seen more ass in this episode than a 21 year old, I swear!

     FINALLY!  Dorian and Vicki. All is right in the world.  Dorian:  "You can start by taking your well manicured claws out of my back."  Ah....things feel good around here.

     Dan-YELLA is a hot f*cking mess!!!!  So she has OD'd.  I feel this is a typical scenario for a nightclub opening.  Are they going to try and make her the new Starr and make her front and center?  I think so.  Speaking of Starr, did y'all miss her?  Eh, I really didn't and ONLY because I feel the show ruined her the last two years.

     And there he is!!!! TSJ!  The worst kept surprise EVER! LOL but I am so glad to see him. I really like him and I loev him with Tea. Plus, Tea is gonna need somebody.

     HOW SWEET!  They thanked the fans at the end.  Touching message!

OVERALL:   I LOVED the show.  It's that! Did I like the opening?  No.  And the more I think about it, I really don't like it.  Did I miss McBain?  Yes, but I need to get over that because there is nothing I can do about it.  Was a lot of the show focused on the young people and the club?  Yes.  But I think for this first episode that is how it HAD to be to get some more young, new people to watch and I think the vets will be weaved in the further we go.  I'm just glad we have the vets and it seems their storylines are going to be really good and true to character.  So, at this stage in the game:  Quality over quantity.  I'll take it.  I'm pumped. Ready for tomorrow. So happy the show is back and so happy to blog with all of you!

Now, I'm off to review my lines for a film I'm shooting tonight.  More later!!! Glad to be back!




  1. Ah it is so wonderful to have this blog back!! I wasn't a huge fan of the opening either, other than awesomeness of Bo and Nora dancing, I could have skipped it. I didn't hate it, but it could have be executed better. The music wasn't right, then they changed it in the middle with the Manning family. It was just off.
    SOO as usually I don't think there is much I disagree with. I found myself very relieved that I like the Matthew, even though he is being a douche bag. I love EA so much I wasn't sure how I'd feel. I even find myself liking the Dani story, who would have guessed!? nuDes, eh, we'll see.
    I am so excited we get more OLTL, especially Bo and Nora. I am pretty sure next week we LOVE the Bo and Nora stuff ;)

    1. Oh by the way. In case you didn't know, this is Mojo! I forgot I changed my view name on Google.

  2. Let me start by saying I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that your back blogging!! I'm beyond thrilled that the show is back & could not agree more with everything you said. Pee'd my pants through mostly all of the blog! Not digging "new" Matt right now, hopefully he will grow on me. Destiny looked like rainbow bright. Todd is just amazing love his whole demeanor. Dani is a HOT MESS! Dorian & Viki... Uhhhh just priceless & David flippin hysterical. Oh and Bo & Nora, WOW..... Kept me smiling all day just to know there back.

  3. I'm with you, Mary-Ella! I love the new OLTL, and it did feel great to see Viki and Dorian again! So glad Clint and Bo love each other again, and Nigel is back. Now all he needs is his pal Roxy. I miss McBain too, wish he would come back because I don't like GH and don't watch it. And was beyond thrilled to see TSJ back!!! It was a fantastic first show, and I don't think it will be long at all until it is back to one hour!

  4. As someone who is in the creative side of advertising and marketing, I have to say, the new logo and the new opening sucked. However, it seems like the quality of shots is better than usual. Do you think that's just because it's the first episode? I mean, GH is still on ABC and doesn't get that kind of quality. I didn't read any spoilers, but I did see the cast shot, and for some reason I assumed the new Destiny was the new (whatever Vimal's sister's name is) aka, Jack's girlfriend. When she said her name was Destiny Evans, I couldn't believe it! Most girls look like a train wreck after they have a baby. She grew a foot and lost some serious weight! I had also assumed the new Matthew was the new Nate. They just look more like those characters. Completely shocked by how they are writing Matthew now. Kind of wondering how they will explain what happened to Starr since she's not in Port Charles anymore either. I assume they'll say she got back together with James in LA or something? Anyway, GREAT blog. So happy it's back!!

  5. Hey hey Mija!!!!!!!

    Just sqeeeeeeing ALL DAY LONG.

    I unabashedly loved it warts and all - and yes the opening did make me squirm the first - what - 10 times I watched LOL - but parts of it grew on me. Loved Bora and Nutter actually and if you could block out Jack, TnB were delish doing their classic spin and stare eye-sexing dance. The way Todd looks at Blair sometimes just DOES THINGS.

    But yes - there is just NO EXCUSE for how they dressed Jack. He did in general bug me less that expected outside of his smirk-drifting into the opening - please someone just photoshop him out LOL!!!!

    All the young'uns in the opening - eek. That was too too painful. And Tea's little come hither whatever was just YIKES.

    But in celebration of JWOW's inevitable appearance I DON'T CARE I LOVE IT!!!!

    David and Dorian ruled the effing roost - they were sooooo entertaining!!! DID YOU SEE WHERE DAVID WAS TRYING TO STEAL DORIAN'S RING RIGHT OFF HER DAMN HAND?????!!! DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Queen V was looking refreshed and GORGEOUS and I want that necklace and damn I somehow forgot just how good JVD is. Cause he just is.

    Nat has NEVER looked better - they were NOT dressing her right the last few years on ABC and PP is smart to be showing off what a STUNNING beauty they have on their hands.

    I miss . . . McBain's hair. And yeah I miss him too - but not really with Nat. I said it. NuLiam is soooooooooooo deliciously cute!!! If they HAD to soras the most perfectly lashed toddler in the world I think they could have done way way worser.

    I LOVE OLD-SCHOOL NON-SHMOOPY TODD MANNING. He is one hot, as you put it, BOSS!!!! Yum!!! Seriously - he reminded me more of 1990's Todd than anytime since - and that is a VERY good thing.

    OG Todd makes me have all the feelings it just does.

    And. NIGEL!!!!! Cannot tell you how happy seeing him made me!!

    That whole Blair cougar trip was just odd and off to me - and that combined with Vicker's treatment at Shelter's entrance made me feel the new OLTL is making some kind of forced hip youngster/old-school vet division statement here - not sure I have it EXACTLY figured out yet but it's raining a little on my parade.

    Seeing Clint, Nora and Bo together - priceless!! I too just melted when Clint so sincerely asked Bo to be his bestie. Awwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But I sincerely do hope Bora are given a lot more than hang-ringing over and yelling at their misunderstood son. NuMatt is totes fine by me so far. Bo scared the shit out of me too with all that bellowing!! I mean, WTF???

    So far I love the fresh sets and wardrobe a LOT. (Please someone remove the memory of Queen V's Star-Trek tunic uggghhhh.) Hair and makeup is great too - I loved Dorian pimping Michelle O with her bangs on the cover of Vogue in celebration of her own bangs LOL. It's the little things.

    I don't mind this Destiny as much as you. I mean damn - anything would be a improvement on the previous cause I just wanted to break things everytime OldDestiny opened her mouth LOL - so I really thought NuD was okay. Am hating the whole direction of dressing her like a tramp - guess she'll be working the VIP Lounge at Shelter giving BJ's before too long - yikes!!!

    Can you believe we are finally going there with Victor? Glad tptb don't seem to be bent on drawing things out to an excruciating level yet. Victor come on home and sex the cray out of Tea!!! Well - as much as that is possible LOL!!!! Let's not draw this lurking tour out as long as we did his brother's LOL!!!

    I so want a Dallas-style Manning brother legacy war. WANT IT.

    Mija - soo soo happy to have you blogging again!! I MISSED YA GAL!!!!!


  6. Loved that you noticed Cutter's dance moves. Horrified! Happy they gave the first scene to Vicki and Clint and the first slot on the opening to Bo and Nora. Need respect for my vets. Was sitting here thinking all the patrons at Shelter looked 10 and feeling old just before Blair announces "I feel like I'm babysitting." Validated! Happy you're back. And yes, Bo scared me too.


  7. So happy to have you back Mary-Ella!!!

    My husband was very happy Nat's boobs got top billing on first episode.

    That giraffe is "Melissa and Doug".

  8. Mary-Ella,

    I am so glad that you are back and the show is back! My excited was running over and overflowing... until I saw that introduction. That was the cheesiest thing ever and I almost turned the show off. But then I thought of Natalie's body and that brought me through. I missed Natalie's boobs so much. I don't really have much to say more about the episode than that, I need more time to see how this whole thing is going to work out. But I can't wait, that's all I know.