Sunday, April 28, 2013


Vicki:  "You think I'm showing a lot of leg in this pic? You won't believe what I show Clint Buchanan." ;)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

     Hello! Is everyone as excited as I am about our show returning?! Can y'all believe this? God knows I still can't but I'll take it.  Ok so here is how this blog is gonna go down this second time around.  Despite the fact I don't have a full time job anymore, I've been busy with my acting schedule. Yes, I've always wanted to be an actress so I took it up a year and a half ago.  It's going well and I love it. Chicago is a great place to get your feet wet. I know, *yawn*. Mary-Ella get to the point.  

     ANYWAY, my plan is to blog every TWO episodes. Also, I hope to respond to as many comments as I can. I'm just trying this. Now, who knows, it might be easier on me to blog daily since the show is only 30 minutes but I know that my answering comments will fall by the wayside. So this will just all be kind of experimental for the first few weeks. However, since tomorrow is such a BIG DAY I am going to at least blog for the first episode and second one and then the 3rd and 4th episodes will probably start the every two episode blogging. Everyone got it?

     Also a few things to discuss before we start our journey together...

     1.  Commenting--I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your comments and I read every single one. I won't be able to respond to all of them. Please don't take it personally, but I honestly just don't have the time. One day I might respond to every single one and the next week I'm sorry!  But, all of you are very intelligent, witty and just down right hilarious. I swear I want to go have cocktails with you all. Also (I'm only bringing this up because of things I have seen on Twitter and message boards, etc.), I am totally cool with some good heated debate or discussion within the comments. So if y'all want to discuss whatever or whomever amongst this blog that is fine BUT no name calling or nothing nasty etc. We can keep it fun without getting too mean. So, for example, if someone says something nasty about your favorite character then you probably shouldn't say "Oh you don't like ______?! Well, he is my fav character so I don't like you, you f*@king bitch!"  That's uncalled for and out of line.  I hate to sound like your 3rd grade teacher wearing a terrible Christmas sweater but no name calling at the Christmas party. Just eat your rice krispie treat (assuming you don't have a peanut allergy).  
     2.  Social Media--obviously if you want to follow me on twitter then please do so. There is a link for that at the top right of the page.  For Facebook, if you are a reader then you are more than welcome to friend me.  I have had several people do that and it's lovely. However, if you add me on Facebook and I don't respond then you need to let me know "hey, I read your blog." because I don't respond to all random friendship requests on FB. I keep it more private on Facebook than I do on Twitter.  You can find me under "Mary-Ella Green Aymami" on FB.  And obviously feel free to share this blog with whomever if you like. I don't do advertisements etc. since I just do this for fun. 
     3.  Email--You can also email me with questions, comments, or complaints, etc.  If I can improve the blog for everyone and you have a suggestion then just let me know.  The email address for the blog is:


     OKAY...I think that is it. I pray to the lord above I still remember how to blog. I'm really not sure if I know how...for real. How disappointing would that be? Feel free to bash me to hell and back if that's the case. :)

I'll see y'all at some point tomorrow, friends! More then.
(I THINK I'm dropping mija...we shall see)


  1. oh this is awesome. Thanks for doing this!!! Do you know if anyone is doin this for AMC? Follow me back please

  2. I just watched the first episode, and I'm freaking out already! Can't wait to read your blog. So excited you decided to start it up again!!